Whoa, Whoa, Whoa: Men’s Basketball Wins Again

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Against the predictions of the preseason pundits, the men’s basketball team continues to rack up the Ivy League victories, defeating Harvard 60-59 on Kevin Bulger’s last-second jumper. 

The Lions again used a K.J. Matsui three-pointer (one of five in the first half) to take a one-point lead into the half. Harvard, though, led for almost the entire second half, until freshman guard Noruwa Agho hit two free throws to give Columbia a 58-57 lead with 50 seconds left. After Harvard retook the lead, Bulger missed an open jumper with nine seconds left, but Columbia got the ball back, and Bulger made up for the miss to give the Lions their 5th win in 6 conference games. The team now has a 5-3 Ivy record, good for 3rd in the conference.

In other news, meteorologists expressed fear over the changing temperatures in hell.

– JCD (photo by Columbia University Athletics)

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  1. Bwog: too many mistakes  

    That preseason poll was for last season. It's the 2008-2009 season not 2007-2008.

  2. Alumnus

    Enough with the snarky commentary, bwog. If you are going to report the team's wins, do it graciously. You're not in middle school anymore.

    And the Columbia women beat Harvard on the road 76-73 in a fast paced, very competitive game with eight ties and 13 lead changes. Katrina Cragg had five three-point baskets. Even though the men came back from 10 points down in the second half, the women may have had the better win.

  3. Bwog!  

    Boston College beat UNC. Harvard beat Boston College. Columbia beat Harvard.

  4. Lion Fan

    Great win for Columbia Hoops! Go Lions, Beat Brown & Yale!!! Kevin Bulger is the Man!!!!


  5. Boston  

    College beat Duke! Now by transitivity CU has beaten UNC AND Duke!

    • oh  

      how I love the transitive power of sports ... by a similar logic I consider myself to currently be a promising prospect in the Blue Jays farm system by virtue of hitting a homerun off a kid in high school who's now pitching for their AA team

  6. Wow

    So, BC beats UNC by shear luck on UNC's worst night of the year. Harvard on its best night beats BC on its worst night by shear luck. Harvard on its worst night blows a lead over Columbia on its best night. That witches' brew my friends takes a whole lot of luck and counting on the other team to perform the worst they possibly could. I would be willing to bet that in 100 matches against UNC Columbia would not win once (and certainly not with the crow factor of the Dean dome thrown in). Same with Duke and Cameron...

    • if you  

      were at the game you would know this wasn't Columbia's best night. Our two best players were hurt and sick, and we didn't hit shots down the stretch until the last few minutes. We missed a ton of free throws and then got a lucky break when Harvard's offense sucked.

      ps. I'm from Durham and Duke would destroy us like they did two years ago.

  7. I don't think  

    anyone here is actually saying that we're better than BC or Duke, OK? People here are just proud of how our guys have been playing in the last couple of weeks and there is no shame in expressing that. Keep up the good work boys!

  8. Actually

    look up there and read it. Someone tried to make a transitive comparison.

    p.s. I'm from Chapel Hill #12, maybe we can forgive each other for our home towns?

  9. Lion Fan

    it's my day off, so as long as I see rancor on the site, I'll keep saying


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