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Barnard shutterbugs: if you have a good feel for your school’s intrinsic spirit, take some pictures of campus life for the chance to win an iTunes gift certificate and eternal glory.

BC’s Admission Office asks that you snap some “candid (real!)” photos of your life at Barnard — just in case you don’t know what candid means — that capture its essence. Carolyn Middleton, Senior Associate Director of Admissions, wants to see evidence of “community, diversity, spirit, fun” to lure next year’s batch of strong, beautiful high school seniors to Morningside Heights.

All submissions should include digital photos and a short description of why the photos encapsulate all that you love about Banard. The full email is after the jump. Go get ’em, girls!

Dear Barnard Student,

Here’s a chance for you to be a part of Barnard history and get a photo of your own published! As you may know, the Office of Admissions is redesigning and rewriting our publications for 2009. In the new viewbook, mailed to prospective students this spring, we’d like to include some candid (real!) shots of life at Barnard. That’s where you come in.

We welcome you to submit digital photo(s) you think best capture life at Barnard. We will be looking for evidence of community, diversity, spirit, fun — all the things that make Barnard the place you chose as your home. And, of course, quality is a factor in the contest, so whether you are a serious photographer or someone who dabbles, we want to see your best work. We’ll print the selected photos in the viewbook; plus, the winners will be given a gift card for iTunes.

Here are the specifics:

Submit digital photos at the highest possible resolution to Carolyn Middleton at [email protected].

Include a brief written description (no more than 200 words) of what’s happening in the photo-and how it captures Barnard’s spirit.

Deadline to submit your photo is February 27, 2009.

Questions? Contact Carolyn Middleton at [email protected]. We can’t wait to see how you’ve captured Barnard life in pixels. Thanks so much for helping us share the Barnard story with prospective students.

Carolyn Middleton

Senior Associate Director of Admissions



  1. what do you  

    call a farmer who sits around all day reading virginia woolf and bell hooks?

    a barn-nerd!

  2. nice way to save $  

    Okay, this comes a couple months after Barnard sent out an email to students asking them to participate in a photo shoot. They hired a photographer and took glam shots of brightly colored Nard girls in "candid" poses. Also, I heard that one group of participants showed up to a photo shoot and they were told they weren't "diverse" enough so they had to go recruit some token "diverse" people from the dining hall.

    And now they want us to do marketing for them and they call it a "Photo contest."


  3. Bitter at Barnard

    The Barnard Admissions office also sent an email last semester asking if anyone was doing community service and wouldn't mind being photographed. Why didn't they ask for a photo-op of people forming a long line for water in the dining hall or bumping into each other as they rounded the corners in the tunnels? Those were definitely the highlights of my first semester at Barnard!

  4. Free  

    dickrubs at Barnard, going on now.

  5. The Count

    How many comments does it take for a Barnard bwog post to have slut references?

    One... two... three... four! Four comments! Ah ah ah ah ah!

  6. ...  

    when i first saw this post, my eyes lit up with glee at the thought of the treasure trove of snark that would surely follow in the comments...

    but... it's... just... not... there. whhhhhhhhhhhhhy?

  7. why the fuck...

    does bwog's thermometer consider 33 degrees to be "fair"

  8. bwog  

    barnard is not columbia, stop posting shit about it

  9. candid (real!)  

    ""candid (real!)" photos of your life at Barnard -- just in case you don't know what candid means"

    ... I like that Barnard is patronizing to it's own students... do they not have any expectations at all?

  10. Admissions,  

    contact this guy, he's probably got some candid photos of barnard girls

  11. lalala  

    acb just made a columbia page. get on that shit.


    • uh oh  

      [email protected] v2.0?

      • not quite  

        [email protected] v2 was juicy campus

        this looks alot like juicy campus. i'd call this one [email protected] 2.1

  12. Hey Bwog...  

    In the 'Columbia Blogs' list on the right sidebar, el participante and the Commentariat are still listed right next to each other. Just sayin'.

  13. hey why don't you

    actually get some game instead of making the world aware that you've never had a dick rub

  14. wait wait  

    Carolyn Middleton?

    The same Carolyn Middleton who used to head FYSAAC (before it got merged into CSA)? Who happened to be the one of the few competent and caring advisors before she got sucked into the administration of advising?

    Wake up people! Barnard is stealing our administrators! Nanette DiLauro to run their financial aid, Carolyn Middleton to run their admissions...

    This should be of concern because barnard administration >>>>>> columbia administration.

    N.B. barnard students - you don't want to actually be "columbia students" or "part" of Columbia. then you have to deal with our administration. its just not worth it. trust me.

    • SEAS '10  

      Seriously. Immature taunting from freshman who don't know any better aside, Barnard has it all: individual attention, competent administration, etc. I just wish they had more Barnard pride. I wince every time a Barnard girl tries to argue that Barnard is "another undergraduate school of Columbia" on the same level as CC or SEAS, because I know what's going to be on the plate that's handed to her. Granted, in some aspects (student groups, athletics) it may be true, but in the overarching scheme of things Barnard is a separate but *affiliated* institution.

      That, however, should be a source of pride.

      • I go to Barnard

        and I agree with you 27, but I think that there is a lot of pride @ Barnard. It's just that sometimes a few people who don't can grab the spotlight with their claims that they are indeed part of the Columbia undergraduate system. I like the fact that we are affiliated.

    • Yes.

      I had the exact same reaction when reading the headline. I thought she had gone to head the advising department of a private high school in Colorado.

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