QuickSpec: Empty Spec Edition

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Spec doesn’t have much for us this chilly February morning, but we’ll be adding more later as the site is updated throughout the day. Bwog can attribute this lack to the rather loud murmurs we’ve been hearing about an online Spec redesign, which we’ll be filling you in on later. In the meantime, here’s all the news that’s fit to print for today:

Sophomore housing could suck slightly less next year

Here’s a TV show you wouldn’t watch even if you did watch TV: a show called “The Big Bang Theory” that has nothing to do with physics

Columbia Basketball is really good, Men’s Tennis is really good, go tell your friends at other schools you came here for the school spirit

Saltines and Ramen: the rich man’s regular Ramen



  1. Actually,  

    The Big Bang Theory is really funny. It holds the proud position of the only show with a canned laugh track that I watch regularly.

  2. finally  

    I think the article was awesome. I love it when the write about something I actually watch.

  3. Big Bang  

    sucks terribly. As a physicist, I can say the jokes have little meaning. I guess knowing they're talking gibberish ruins the jokes for me though. And yes, many of us do have social lives and can manage to have conversations with women without bringing up our major incessantly.

    That said, How I Met Your Mother is also on CBS, has great stories, jokes, and characters.

  4. under construction  

    hey, stop hatin on Spec...just undergoing maintenance

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