Empanada Joe’s Flops, Now Nada

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And Famiglia is once again without a neighbor. A few days ago, Bwogger Mariela Quintana noticed that Empanada Joe’s had papered over their windows, but had left all of its furniture in place. At first, Bwog was unsure whether the store had departed or was merely remodeling.

However, tech-savvy Bwoggers noticed earlier today that the Morningside Heights location is no longer on the locations page, even though Google Cache shows it having been there in the past. It appears, then, that Empanada Joe’s has joined the growing list of culinary casualties in Morningside since the new semester began.

Judging from the comments on our review, though, there will be much rejoicing. And who knows – maybe its replacement will be something useful?

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  1. Anonymous  

    i think everyone will agree that this place sucked

  2. Thank God.  

    That place was horrible. Maybe something cheap AND good will come?

  3. Something useful?  

    Optimism does not suit you, Bwog.

  4. They had it all wrong.  

    Of course Empanada Joe's failed. It doesn't take a genius to realize that paying over $3 for a teeny empanada is a ripp-off. That being said, if they lowered their prices or just enlarged the damn things, they'd make more money.

    The big player on that block is Chipotle, and it's a good location because people will walk far to it. I, for one, hope a burger joint or a Wendy's opens there...

  5. hmm  

    how about a cheap indian place?

  6. i'm still holding out  

    for a chick-fil-a.

  7. i hope  

    we get another chipotle

  8. bump  

    Second the motion on the Indian place...

  9. honestly  

    anything other than a Taco Bell would be a tremendous and insufferable crime against what is called humanity, but which is really a lump of foul miscreants who go to Columbia and fail to appreciate the greatness, the sublimity of the Taco Bell.

  10. thank you  

    for agreeing with me

  11. hmm  

    jamba juice? pleasseeeeee?

  12. my friend  

    bit into a taco bell burrito once, and it was full of maggots.

    just saying.

  13. my friend  

    bit into a taco bell burrito once, and it was full of maggots.

    just saying.

  14. fingers crossed  

    for an NYU dorm.

  15. how about....  

    Noodles & Company!!! New York needs one of these, near Columbia would be perfect...it's cheap, fast and good.


  16. Idea  

    A taco bell, a Jamba Juice, and a Dunkin Donuts, all packaged into one glorious store.

  17. Logician  

    How would a store that JUST OPENED be in a state of remodeling?

  18. Yum  

    Shake Shack: Upper Upper West Side Edition.

  19. seriously...

    Taco Bell is quite possibly the most vile place on earth. How about a genuine Mexican food place so I don't have to walk my ass all the way to La Fonda? P.S. Taco Bell puts shit in their food... Actual shit.

  20. clothing  

    how bout just one place that sells mens clothing -- even though the empanada joes space isn't big enough for it or anything

  21. Oh and

    for the record, taqueria may be decent, but it really doesn't compare to good mexican food at all.

    • in my humble opinion  

      I consider taqueria to be good mexican food, if a little different than what I'm used to. Enormous burritos that are much more interesting than Chipotle's for sure. Then again, what do I know, I'm just from NEW Mexico.

  22. seriously?  

    Taco Bell? Wendy's? Five Guys? Jamba Juice? Dunkin Donuts? Chic-fil-a?? How about something that's NOT a chain so that Morningside Heights doesn't look like every other part of manhattan?

  23. please please  

    noodle joint or soup shop!

  24. Ummm  

    What about a decent empanada place? Can we transplant one from Buenos Aires?

  25. also  

    a staples would be really cool

  26. gmm an  

    another hookah bar?

  27. So what if  

    it's mealworm. It's delicious.

  28. omg  

    omg omg build-a-bear, please!

  29. oh no  

    what am i going to do with all my empanda joe's gift cards?

  30. Dunkin Donuts? Really?

    Just reminds me that Krispy Kreme is far superior...or a Five Guys...or Chik-Fil-A...just something from the South, please.

  31. DUH  


  32. wrap lover

    I miss wrap factory

  33. hrd  

    for once can we just have something good that's not a chain? just a thought guys. no need to feed the capitalist pigs, they have enough girth already.

    • wow  

      just wow. Yes you're right lets instead reward the over-priced "Mom & Pop stores" who are so ethical and wholesome that they rip off college students, pay their employees below minimum wage, produce a quality of food consistent with shit, and do so scowling at you for your business. Damn those evil chainstores and the many jobs they create and the profits they bring into the country from abroad.

      • rrer  

        Aw please. There are bad Mom & Pop stores; there are good ones too. If you really want Yet Another Chain Store to come in, move to the suburbs or something. It's people like you that probably welcome Ricky's with open arms..

        • not another chain store  

          Exactly. Let's get something new, unique, and delicious. I'm not concerned about the "capitalist pigs" but when there's a starbucks on every corner then we don't need to put another one in because the end of the block is just too far away.

      • hgr  

        That's bull shit man. I can get a cup of coffee at Oren's that's less that Starbucks ($2 versus $2.11 for medium) and it's a hell of a lot better. Taco Bell is just nasty and it's not exactly my idea of classy either. Moreover, Chipotle isn't exactly cheap. I usually end up spending $10 bucks whenever I walk in there.

        • Coffeeeee

          One of these days we'll finally have a cafe that serves Counter Culture coffee...maybe...that would be nice.
          Another cafe would be lovely, I get sick of fighting for tables and crap coffee at Hungarian (but I still love it...).
          It's a really sad thing, but New York cafe culture isn't what I thought it would be when I came here 5 years ago. I've found more 'chill', enjoyable cafes in Portland, Austin, Chapel Hill, Chicago, Montreal...some hippy with the desire to open a cafe needs to move here.

  34. Oh great

    Another anti-conformist at Columbia woohoo...we've given every freaking non-chain a chance in the area and now we want something that's just good and we know it will be good...In-N-Out, Chik-Fil-A, etc, these aren't the "capitalist pigs" you so cutely reference, but businesses that grew because they provide a product people like. Go to community food and juice for special occasions, get a chicken sandwich sometimes, it works, I promise.
    Please reply to my comment when you get out of the Sparticus meeting.

  35. hoping for...  

    more columbia offices. hopefully with lots of flat panel TVs.

  36. Hoping for

    not a Jamba Juice. I can't afford to feed my addiction.

  37. Wein-er

    Isn't there a Taco Bell in Wein anymore?

  38. yeah  

    this was a foregone conclusion, recession or no. i mean, really?

  39. build  

    a new dorm so they can stop splitting singles into doubles!

    In reality, my vote would be for indian or a noodle shop.

  40. i heard  

    it's gonna be a new hamdel

  41. ...  

    oh noes. not empanada joes! wherever will i find overpriced empanadas now?!

    good, cheap indian plz. like ajanta, but actually edible would be perfect.







    I'm sure this is something everybody would benefit from, except cafe212 because their coffee tastes like shit and is double the price

  43. That's stupid

    You took something to an extreme there. I don't welcome Ricky's, but what's your point? Kim's was just as much of a chain as Ricky's is. New York is full of chains as well as non-chains...some of us would like something quick and cheap and what do we have that is quick and cheap in the locally owned category around here? HamDel is disgusting, Saga freezes most of their food, Swish had horrible customer service, I could keep going. The point is this: something like In-N-Out, Five Guys, Chik-Fil-A are a different kind of chain where your food stays away from the freezer and they ensure a certain level of quality at every restaurant...some of us would like something like that in the neighborhood as opposed to another incredibly overpriced organic eatery with stroller parking for the trendy. We're not saying we want another Starbucks, that's just making yourself a straw man.

  44. That's Stupid II

    Thinking about it some more, my vote for a non-chain would be for Two Little Red Hens to open a west-side bakery. This area seriously lacks a good bakery that isn't outlandishly expensive (like a certain one in the low 100's *cough cough*).

  45. why  

    why would you think that ccsc has any input into what RESTAURANT opens on broadway?!

  46. They had it all wrong.  

    I was pretty pissed when Ricky's opened, actually. That's a sizable establishment, and maybe we coulda had a mini-trader Joe's or something. Or a nice chill, cafe-lounge.

    Seriously, though our food options are terrible in this school. Why aren't better restaurants/ chains attracted to this neighborhood? You can def. make money here! And there are hungry students to spend it. We need a damn food court like other schools, or more restaurants in the area. Just compare us to NYU...

    • EAL  

      Rule Number 1: Never, NEVER compare us to NYU.

      I mean, we may have more than our share of pseudo-intellectual hipster idiots and silly leftists, but to compare us to NYU would be an insult to Columbia and her students.

  47. Vote  

    MY vote goes to five guys. Definitely not taco bell, you remember what happened down at the one by NYU right? Although it would be nice for a non-chain restaurant to open up, capital for small businesses has largely dried up and i am hungry

  48. how about  

    A really good bagel shop??

  49. Indian

    Dude, we have Roti Roll...how much cheaper do you want this Indian food? Also Indus Valley is some of the best Indian food in Manhattan (ask some Indian folk who eat there). Anyway, Indian food is by and large not cheap and you can't really get Indian food much cheaper than Roti Roll makes it.

  50. bottle  

    i hope its not a chick-fil-a or in n'out or five guys as one or two people keep making multiple posts about.
    burgers and chicken sandwhiches are such boring, unhealthy food. ew. but maybe if one of them does open you'll all die of heart attacks or get too fat to be deemed attractive by anyone and it's darwin at work :)

  51. AHHHHH  

    COLLEGETOWN BAGEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Those of you who have been to other schools should understand..

  52. i think

    we should get a SONIC!!!

  53. ...  

    something like this!


    great soup, spinach salad and sourdough roll for $6.50!

  54. YES!  

    i miss tots and limeades. and carhops on roller skates. and sonic radio.
    once you've had sonic, other fast food just can't compare

    • You too?  

      You mean you miss living in a hick shithole? (yes, Sonic in town=hick shithole) Maybe you also miss the hick kids in pickup trucks throwing greasy things at your inferior "car", rolling by on its inferior stock suspension. Fun times.

      All that aside, I miss Sonic. It's a yummy place. I also kind of miss the hick-shitholeiness of it all. At least I was comparatively well dressed there. And since when do Sonic carhops actually use rollerskates? I've never witnessed it.

  55. hehe

    You're joking right? If you have a burger or chicken sandwich once in a while you're not going to turn into an ogre. I eat unhealthy food once in a while but I exercise regularly and don't have any problem with being 'attractive.' But you can keep thinking that eating a burger once a while destroys you...it's cute.

  56. also

    Burgers and Chicken Sandwiches don't have to be boring. The soul of good food (and being a foodie) is knowing when something simple is done well. If you can't take joy in a simple piece of chicken cooked perfectly then you obviously have underdeveloped tastes.

  57. Ehhhh

    I lived in a really lovely small town full of pretty cool people and we had a Sonic. I'm constantly surprised at how much of a hick-shithole NYC can be honestly...people live in their own filth here, just nasty.

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