QuickSpec: Far Away Lands Edition

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After months of anticipation, today’s QuickSpec comes to you from the uncharted territories of the Spectator’s brand new website, featuring bigger text, grayer pages, and the niftiest headline crawl this side of CNN. Spec EIC Melissa Repko and managing editor Elizabeth Simins told Bwog, “We expect that it will take a week or two to tweak the Web site’s new design and functionality, and we hope to receive a great deal of constructive feedback.”

Your phone charger hails from the land of the undead, kind of like Kim’s.

Crime pays, provided it’s aesthetically pleasing and you are in Queens.

Are you billions in debt? Try outsourcing it! To New Jersey.

Cambridge inspires joy, devastation, and hoarse-voiced passion.



  1. wow  

    i LOVE the new website!!!

  2. agreed  

    new website>>>>>>>>>>>>oldone

  3. Online Editor  

    Make sure to check back during the week for a lot of stylistic revisions and tweaks. We're working on them and have quite a bit planned!

  4. new site  

    = joke. there is a big ad next to every article that doesnt have a bunch of related articles.

  5. the new website

    has some nice features, but it reminds me of a badly designed girly-girl blog.

    but maybe that's all they're capable of designing at spec now, since the specblogs look similar.

  6. yeah  

    There are a few font issues for me, but generally this is first-class because it's so FUNCTIONAL. I really like the "today's paper" feature, the blog feed, the commenting and "related articles" box, the fact that you don't have to scroll 10 minutes to read sports and arts, and the bulletin board makes for free ad space.
    Also, it's not too ad heavy at all, which is a relief.

  7. Please

    Make the fonts smaller. Pleeeeeease. We

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