Overheard: Taking on the Stars

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Apparently, James Franco was hanging out Butler 209 last night. From some onlookers:

Football Player: “Is that James Franco over there?”

Girl: “Yeah, why?”

Football Player: “I wanna fight him!”

Careful now, Mr. Jock: young Franco has experience.

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  1. Well...  

    In football player lingo fight/wrestle= f*&@. Interesting...Franco better watch is a$$, literally...

  2. more bs  

    from bwog and co. football players don't go to butler. why is there always hating on athletes on here?

  3. Athlete haters  

    Columbians hate athletes because they thats the one thing most of them aren't talented at.

    grow the fuck up

  4. yes  

    because the vast majority of athletes here are SO talented. especially the football players!

  5. umm

    Franco kinda gets his ass handed to him in that scene. He beats the guy by sneaking up behind him. I'm rooting for the football team--its about time they had a win.

  6. Lion Fan

    Good point, why is there so much hate directed at athletics?
    BWOG might want to watch it, I don't really see why this blog can justify continued attacks and demeaning remarks directed at one particular group. In fact, I think that this blog is pretty notorious for its petty and nasty remarks. What gives?

  7. hadn't we established  

    obsessing whenever james franco is in the library is only going to make him feel like he can't go study there

  8. EAL  

    I would beat up James Franco.

  9. Jade  

    You can try to beat his ass if you want; he'll still be prettier than you thick-necked uggoes.


    That's right; I went there.

  10. the athletes are good at  

    baseball, basketball, fencing, tennis, heavyweight rowing, women's soccer & swimming, field hockey

  11. what

    what happened to reif larsen? did I imagine that?

  12. I think  

    the Athletes get a lot of perks students don't, not to mention have an easier time with girls, but are always seen as disappointments because football is equated with all athletic teams.

  13. hehehoaho

    LOL---if I had been there, I would've laughed soOoOoOooOOoooOoO hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. ...  

    this post goes to show how far from new york columbia really is...

  15. oh.hello.there  

    ...doesn't Franco know there are more floors to Butler? Like where he might get some... privacy?
    Boy always seems to camp out somewhere on the ground floor. Maybe he believe in the whole hiding in plain sight thing - obviously isn't working. Shlep up to the 6th floor bud! Explore!!

    Also, the average Columbian hates on athletes because they feel like athletes do not deserve their spot in this school. Which is completely unwarranted. Stop having preconceived notions about "jocks" and grow up. Not everyone can be fit into a box and labeled. I have tremendous respect for athletes - the amount of time they dedicate to their sports, while still upholding a class schedule, can be astounding. Sure, this isn't the case with EVERY athlete, but still...

    • Gah, Franco  

      Franco doesn't want privacy. He comes to the biggest room, sits on his laptop and doesn't use any of the books, smirks and chats to girls.
      He's putting on a show and he knows it.

  16. why  

    do I never see him when he's there? : (

  17. no!  

    read the AP style manual and call me in the morning

  18. I want proof

    Of the average team GPA at Columbia for various sports being higher than the 50%...I'm calling bs on that.

    I think a lot of hate stems from the fact that we can remember that football player or swimmer in our lit hum or CC who was always falling asleep or said "brah" a little too often for comfort...there's always a bad apple to spoil the bunch. I realize not all athletes are dumb, but just a few can spoil it for the rest.

  19. DHI  

    Are all smart people unathletic?

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