Students Occupy (a Little Tiny Bit of) NYU

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 Photo courtesy of NYU Local

Radical student group Take Back NYU (TCBY, no wait, TBNYU) has barricaded itself inside a dining hall at Kimmel Center, NYU’s non-diagonal equivalent of Lerner.

TBNYU had publicly planned to boogie tonight at their second annual “Study Breakdown,” but plans quickly went 1968 earlier this evening when several dozen students began barricading doors, hanging slogan-bearing signs in windows, and announcing their agenda via loudspeakers.

Among the group’s demands are more affordable tuition, public accounting of all university expenditures, more financial aid, and, in particular, financial aid for 13 Palestinian students. Signs at the center show the group has an international flair, as well, sporting slogans like, “Solidarity With Gaza.” (No explanation as to how the situation in Palestine relates to pricey East Village studio apartments, but maybe it’s an “everyone who wants to protest, do it here”-type of thing.)

NYU Local has been liveblogging the goings-on since around 9 and in the last hour has reported “Tons of cops outside!” Take Back NYU also has a live stream broadcasting on the Web.

UPDATE (12:17 a.m.): Our NYU correspondents tell Bwog that students outside the center are “happy and cheering.” Meanwhile on the streaming video, a TBNYU member describes their group: “It is a Marxist communist organization, but there’s no kind of — no, like, we don’t screen our members. There’s a little Trotsky in there. Maybe. We’re, like, a strong-minded group. But, yeah, no, absolutely. We’re democratic.”

UPDATE (1:02 a.m.): Bwog has been told that there is one Barnard student there and “a lot of Columbia students came here but either left for int’l student visa fears or couldn’t get in because they stopped letting people in at some point.” There will be a “support rally” in front of Kimmel tommorow at 12:15 p.m. for any students who feel strongly enough to make the “trek.”

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  1. behind the trend  

    falling behind the trend are we columbia?

  2. LMX  

    Quick, someone make a list of demands and pick a building to barricade and make a damn Facebook event!!! let's do this!!

  3. nyulocal  

    is no strawberry statement. but it amuses me just the same.

  4. International flare  


  5. LOL  


    Wouldn't NAMBLA have been better, if less original?

  6. Insensitive  

    Hmm. Why are NYU girls fatter than those at Columbia?

  7. Anonymous  

    zing zing zing

  8. how nice  

    and I was just talking about how everyone I've met so far in college only seems concerned with their career path at the expense of scholarly and socially active activities. GOOD THING THIS EVENT PROVED ME WRONG.

  9. socially active  

    activities? What does that even mean?

  10. guy montague  

    who else is rooting for a massive fire to break out in that group? anyone?

    "solidarity with gaza" ... give me a break. do those fuckers have any shame?

  11. hahaha

    Wow...and what exactly are they proving? These kids are a joke and should realize how insanely lucky they are to be in school right now and not out looking for a job. You want lower tuition? Go to CUNY, SUNY, or perhaps you should have studied more and gotten a merit scholarship somewhere else. Pansies...

  12. Picture

    That picture is hilarious. Cop: "Oh no, cafeteria tables...how can we get past these!?"

  13. the barnard girl  

    is definitely the girl painting the support gaza sign (see pictures on nyulocal).

    therefore the worst part of this protest is barnard. it figures.

  14. Anonymous

    do these ppl realize that, under the so-called 'marxist communism with a little bit of trotsky' that they support, they would be quickly thrown in jail or worse for doing what they're doing? sounds like a bunch of unthinking attention-seekers to me..and i'm glad i'm not affiliated with nyu.

  15. ...  

    you know, this is probably the longest NYU students have ever been in an academic building before.

  16. observer

    I just find it so strange that they rallied around financial aid for 13 Palestinian students in particular. For the life of me, I don't remember a time when a financial aid rally in the past centered around any particular ethnic group--- or any particular group of students for that matter. Are there no other students in NYU who need more financial support than they are getting? Since when is financial aid a pro-Palestine, anti-Israel issue? College students can sometimes be so spectacularly stupid that it baffles the mind. Now I am starting to believe that there may be some validity to the headline I saw the other day on MSN that some researchers had proven chimpanzees to be as proficient in basic arithmetic reasoning as a group of undergraduates.

  17. lol  

    This protest totally undermines activists everywhere, sadly. If Columbians have a legitimate grievance (eg: 40s on 40) that they rally against through some form of protest, they'll be dismissed by admin who will view us as analogous to these noob-tards.

  18. scrolling problems  

    Mac OS X 10.5.6

    Firefox 3.0.6

    Things get all choppy and shit

  19. activist = idealogue  

    Why is it always the same few students supporting the same crazy causes? For example, the Barnard student in the NYU local photos has also participated in pro-Gaza, anti-Manhattanville, anti-ROTC, anti-Core rallies on campus. It's fine if students like this want to spend their college years being angry and outraged. I just wish they wouldn't claim to represent me.


    oh no!! students standing up for what they believe in!! that must mean they are trying to "claim to represent me"!! they are dumber than chimpanzees! theyre fat! and ugly! they're so pathetic! they want to help palestinians, how incredibly unreasonable despite the fact that they have been the victim of several human rights abuses in just the past 2 months! this must mean these students are anti-israel just because they recognize the fact that palestinian civilians were unjustly attacked, even though there may actually be israelis in the occupation!! OMG! DUMBER THAN CHIMPS!! omg theyre so privileged (just like me)! OMG IM SO DISGUSTED MY BRAIN IS GOING TO EXPLODE! i can't just ignore this...!!! IM SO ANGRY THAT THESE KIDS ARE DOING SOMETHING LIKE THIS! I JUST.. HAVE TO TAKE MY FRUSTRATION OUT BY BITCHING ONLINE ABOUT THEM BUT NEVER APPROACH THEM TO THEIR FACE! THEYRE FAT CHIMPS!! GRR huff huff *HUUGGGFFRRGHHH** im having an aneurism!! its all their fault! SEND THEM TO JAIL

    • wow

      your sarcastic rant was so effective at co opting legitimate criticism of this charade..its not like those who attend the school, have experienced such protests in their own school or who have their own issues which they seriously work as proponents of could have any legitimate grievances right?

      still, watch out colbert, you certainly are an intellectual titan to combine humor and self righteous indignation so well

      by the way, there's a 'y' in aneurysm

  21. they stupid  

    they're international students, there's no federal funding for their financial aid, but they are ok w/ it b/c they accepted the offer long ago.

    and on the topic of financial aid, they should just stop sucking D and get some academic scholarships.

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