Don’t We Save These Deals For Finals?

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Lunar Gala’s show is still going on until 10, and the biggest acts are yet to come. But most importantly, if you needed an incentive to book it over to Lerner, they’re handing out free Red Bull outside the entrance to Roone! Stock up now!

Still, the culinary side hasn’t been all fun and games – Bwog stumbled across a novel way to dump leftovers in the 5th floor bathroom.





A second photo for those who aren’t put off by Chinese food that looks like, but isn’t vomit, after the jump.


Now that’s good eatin’

– Photos by JYH and JNW

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  1. wtf  

    that's fucking gross why would you post that shit

  2. please  

    put that down it makes me want to vomit

  3. seconded (or fourth-ed)

    really bwog...

    not necessary

  4. thirded

    What the hell is wrong with y'all? That is disgusting and nobody really wants to see it. Tar and feathering for the person who approved that post.

  5. you could at least

    put that photo "after the jump" with some sort of warning about not for the weak of stomach...

  6. oh come on...

    the second photo added isn't any better... still not even close to what i want to see when i refresh bwog...

  7. this is  

    disgusting. not cool.

  8. lrd  

    this is less classy than that stupid post of the guy setting his balls on fire on ivygate

  9. Surfin' UWS  

    Really? This is news?

    What's next; odd rash patterns?

    Get your out of your ass, Bwog. Even elementary kids wouldn't find this entertaining.

  10. ok Bwog  

    are you going to take pictures of your toilets after you take a shit too?

  11. wtf  

    bwog stop sucking the d. i vomited that shit up and fucking just blew that spot.

  12. gees

    I see all the talent and rational thinking skills at bwog dried up when the class of 2008 graduated...seriously guys, this isn't up to the standards of your publication. I'd like to think you are a bit more urbane than CollegeHumor

  13. Bwog  

    you guys are idiots.

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