Molina-Clark for CC ’10?

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On Wednesday, our first batch of piping hot CCSC gossip stated that CQA head honcho Jeanette Clark had decided against running for senior class president. Now, insiders tell Bwog that Clark is running for a position, but it’s not president.

Instead, Clark has apparently accepted the VP slot on the ticket of musician/comedy writer/cartoonist Michael Molina. Molina’s resume includes being a member of The Kitchen Cabinet, the first freshman to be in the Fruit Paunch as well as the Varsity Show, and a Spec cartoonist (in the interests of full disclosure, he’s also been a Bwog “theater expert”).

A small complication for the ticket: Molina is in London for the semester, and out-of-the-country tickets are not normally successful…at all. With Clark and Molina’s powers combined, though, it could be the strongest outside challenge since that dude from Chicago.

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  1. yay  

    the kitchen cabinet.

  2. cc09  

    be smart 2010. you'll never re-elect class officers, you know. don't elect someone who's not going to do the job after graduation, if at all.

  3. Well damn,  

    I'd vote for Mike Molina!

  4. Go with Sue Yang  

    Jeanette has the likability of the Krebs ticket, and Sue has the credibility of the Alidad ticket. It is clear to me that the Krebs administration has been a disaster, and we shouldn't make the same mistake twice.

  5. hahahah  

    krebs administration has been a disaster? it's school government, it's hard for it to be a completely effective body, so please give me a break. the fact that people like the "krebs administration" is so much more important than anything else. if a more competent administration were in place, were doing just as poorly from a governmental perspective, and on top of that, weren't likeable, shit would suck way harder. i mean, look at obama. as most seniors and normal people in the real world (where shit's getting cut left and right and people are being laid off and it's ridiculous how few jobs there are available to people) would tell you, shit's not good right now. BUT everyone LOVvVVEESSSS OBAMA! And who knows if this stimulus mofo will work? we've fucked ourselves over sooo much as a species in general, it's just going downhill. so why not have some love for a leader! it makes us feel a little better about it all.

    as bizarre as it is and as much as you don't want to believe it, you know that it's true.

    i'd definitely vote for molina. because hey, people need to learn not to take shit so seriously. because that's how people fucked up in the first place.

    • is this  

      george krebs? or somebody who sounds equally as stupid as he does when he prefaces those emails...

    • what the fuck  

      I think that is the most incoherent comment ever posted on Bwog. Krebs' admin has sucked. He has focussed on pointless shit like ROTC and Student Groups, when his job was to make sure that the CC student body was well taken care of. Except we got fucked with 40s, parties are harder to throw, Housing/Dining prices are rising rampantly, laundry machines are not being fixed, and flex off campus is dying.

      • numba 6*  

        A) sorry that i said numba 7 previously, but i think the comment was in reply to my thing and it said in reply to 7 so that is how i drew my conclusion. i was not very careful in making this conclusion.

        2)these are all things that are not george krebs' fault. he dealt with the shit that he COULD deal with that fell into his lap. that's all you can ask someone to do--be realistic. so i am sorry if you have high hopes for columbia student governments, but you must understand that student governments can only do so much.

  6. i hope

    cliff massey runs and wins for 2010 prez...molina's cool and all, but so is cliff, and plus he really knows his shit

  7. Vote

    For the damn Hawk!!

    He'll rip the competition apart

  8. holy shit  

    i actually hate mike molina. please, don't vote for this douche bag

  9. he's the stuff

    vote for molina because he is really down to earth and easy to talk to.

  10. Really?  

    You think any student rep can change the 40's on 40 policy or make parties easier to throw? Get real - not gonna happen - even if they think or promise they can.

  11. 2150  

    mike molina is really good with animals!

  12. You can  

    win from abroad, it's been done before

  13. mike molina

    is a self-obsessed douche bag who probably only wants to win to flatter himself

  14. ...

    what's the deleted scandal?

  15. lulz  

    @ #22 - ALL the student government people are self-obsessed douche bags who only want to win to flatter themselves

  16. i hear  

    jeanette clark is one badass NES player

  17. cronie

    i hear jeanette clark is a lovely woman, full of grace.

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