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Bwog Top Chef and Radiation Expert Jon Hill sauntered through Cafe 212 this morning to discover a new menu item: Stouffer’s!

No longer do you have to walk all the way to MoWi for your microwavable lasagna.  Cafe 212 will buy it, microwave it, and serve it to you, all for the low, low price of $6.95. 

Mathematical wizards behind the scenes note that this is 43% more expensive than a grocery store if you consider raw ingredients alone, but around 90% cheaper if you include the cost of buying a microwave.

If that’s too expensive for your recession-drained budget, consider the following free food options.  CQA and Club Zamana are hosting a live Oscar viewing party in Roone tonight at 8:00 PM and there will be snacks abound. 

If, after an hour of watching what seems like an endless loop of applause and bad music, you tire, consider Community Impact’s “Blue Bash Study Break” in Carman tonight at 9:00 PM.  Its “blue snacks” are for freshmen only, but you’re clever enough to sneak in.  Show your CI spirit and win stuff.  We presume wearing your favorite CSI tshirt and covering up the “S” will suffice.

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  1. Carleton Lounge

    has had Stouffer's lasagna for a long time.

  2. you can

    get a microwave for teh cheaps on craigslist

  3. apples  

    moreover most rez halls and department lounges have microwaves

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