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rachael ray
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It’s a sign of the times: parents have kids to figure our their technology for them.

A student talking on a cell phone outside Roone earlier this week:

“I don’t think Rachael Ray sells microwaves. … Just Google “Rachael Ray microwave” … I don’t think you understand- you can Google anything! … There’s no penalty for Google-ing stupid things.”

Actually, they do make a Rachael Ray microwave.  Cooks everything in thirty minutes, whether you like it or not.

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  1. FACT:  

    Rachel Ray is an evil bitch.

  2. FACT  

    Rachel Ray is a gorgeous and bubbly wonderwoman.

  3. FACT  

    Rachael Ray will not drink the Dunkin Donuts coffee she plugs. I KNOW, RIGHT?

  4. FACT:  

    Rachael Ray does not sleep. She waits.

  5. Anonymous  

    Rachel Ray eats a kitten every time you don't watch her show.

  6. FACT  

    Rachael Ray's photos must have been digitally altered because she looks x2 on tv.

  7. FACT

    Rachel Ray is the lovechild of Chuck Norris and Emeril.

  8. FACT  

    Rachel Ray's scornful eyes are focused upon you as you eat.

  9. i totally  

    just ruined that.
    and yes it did give me some sort of satisfaction. perhaps even made my day.

  10. FACT  

    Rachael Ray is 41 years old.

  11. FACT

    Rachel Ray turns me on.

  12. FACT  

    Rachael Ray uses #9 as a doormat.

  13. FACT

    If there _was_ a penalty for Googling stupid stuff, I would be fucked.

  14. seriously?

    BWOG, this is dumb. no ever overheard it worth publishing.

  15. Fact #16  

    Rachel Ray shows just the appropriate amount of pep for celery.

  16. ...  


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