40s on 40 Replaced With B(eer)BQ?

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Late-breaking news out of Satow tonight, as SEAS ’09 president Kim Manis announced at the ESC weekly meeting that 40s on 40 could be replaced with a senior barbeque.

Details will not be finalized until another meeting between adminstrators and students tomorrow night, but Manis reported that “although details are still being worked out, alcohol would still be provided.”

CC ’09 President Mark Johnson, who declined to go into specifics at last night’s CCSC meeting, told Bwog that “after our final meeting tomorrow evening we should be able to provide reliable and confirmed information on any replacement event.” If things hold, maybe seniors can still shout “hooray, beer!”

– JCD, with reporting by SVZ

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  1. builder  

    fuck that shit. 40s on 40.

  2. jesus christ  

    bunch of sellouts. Why do we even have student councils? They are worthless and just steal $587 of my student life fees every year.

    • I agree  

      CCSC needs to take a stand. They've become too connected with the administration. It's good to have solid discussions in order to plan events, enact new beneficial policies, etc., but when our own representatives back down and let Dean Gay Gay Gay and Dean Kromm run the show without objection, they mock their classmates and any sense of unity that may exist.

  3. but  

    will there be beer?

  4. brass monkeys  

    can you be arrested for drinking out of an OJ carton? i think not

  5. OUTRAGE  

    fuck this.

    i want my 40's on 40, damnit.

    this event was amazing when the seniors our freshman year did it... and it has just progressed to be lamer and lamer... fuck Columbia and their goddamn war on fun!

  6. also...  

    what day is 40s on 40 supposed to be?... i guess i could count, but i'm guessing if i lazily ask bwog, someone will know...

  7. April 9  

    And there will be beer

  8. the question is...  

    will the beer be rationed ridiculously... involving tallies and bracelets?

  9. yeah  

    Brownbagging it, wherever they make us go. And if administrators harass students, I suggest all seniors nearby gather up behind the senior in solidarity

  10. hey class council  

    don't call it a fucking bbq if the only shit there are steamed hotdogs, pre-grilled hamburger patties, and salad. that shit's for cheap middle school graduation parties.

  11. 40s on 40  

    was never just about the alcohol. saying that this bureaucratic bastardization is 40s on 40 is like saying you'll have just as much fun in a sandbox as you will in cancuun over spring break; sure, there's sand there, but the spirit just isn't there

  12. april 7

    because of jewish holidays. 42 days.

    but yes, please brown bag it.

  13. hmm  

    I think I might just put mine in another container. nobody can stop me from drinking out of another bottle, can they?

  14. senior class  

    You guys better walk the talk... or else you will be known as not only the class that has an entirely worthless class council (which we all do) but also the class that destroyed a university tradition with decades of precedent. I want to see drunk people that day while I go to take exams.

  15. idea  

    yo we should just do 40s on 40 on another day....like 38 days before grad.....throw those motherfuckers off

    • no..  

      40's on 40 has to happen 40 days before graduation... do you not get it? that's the point! fuck the administration... two day before or two days after is a cop out... i will be brown bagging with my 40 exactly 40 days before graduation whether they like it or not...

  16. wow

    you are an incredibly innovative individual... or have no friends and thus did not come to this conclusion months ago.

  17. meh  

    a 6 year old tradition in a 250+ year old school.

  18. stop whining  

    and just fill up your nalgene/water bottle with some olde english.

  19. i prefer  

    st. ides high gravity malt liquor

  20. boo boring bbq  

    hooray beer!

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