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As reported last night, the major story out of Monday night’s ESC meeting was the potential replacement of 40s on 40 with a BBQ (albiet one with alcohol). But alcohol was not the only topic of the meeting, the last before ESC begins its annual constitutional review.

The 2009 class council announced that the last SEAS fireside chat was canceled because not enough people registered for the lottery. The dean’s office is working with the council to make the chats more appealing: one suggestion (no doubt taken from months of reading Bwog) is to add free food to the equation by holding the events at local restaurants, and lowering the number of attendees to make the event more intimate.  

Happy news for 3-2 students, however: the council is investigating adding printing in Carlton Arms (the dorm for 4th year 3-2 students), or giving students access to nearby dorms to print there. As of now, students residing in Carlton Arms, located at 108th and Riverside, are required to come onto campus to print.

In other booze news, the council is working with housing to enable students to register parties where alcohol will be served. This is Barnard’s current policy, and lessens the consequences suffered by the host if the party is broken up. 

Finally, the most hilarious moment of the meeting came when it was mentioned that GSSC now has nine vacant positions. How this is possible went unexplained.

– JCD and SVZ

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  1. GSer  

    Wait... this one is too good to pass by -- GSSC has NINE vacant positions? Why am I, a GS student, learning about it here (and via the ESC no less). Sounds like something is badly amiss in Brody Berg's little (and getting smaller and smaller it would seem) world!

  2. somehow  

    I'm not a fan of the party idea. They'll just fuck shit up like everything. Probably come barging in as soon as the party reaches its pre-agreed closing time. Don't do it ESC... don't help them monitor us. Right now its only over-zealous RAs who break up dorm parties

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