QuickSpec: Makin’ Babies Edition

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The Interdisciplinary Science Building: One big interdisciplinary lovefest.

PrezBo cops to long-simmering desire to merge with Harlem.

We chose Columbia for its passion. Then we read Herodotus.

College Democrats and College Republicans debate affirmative action and get everybody all riled up.

Does the ability to make babies preclude the ability to make a spaceship? (Spoiler: No.)



  1. thanks  

    thanks for putting a review of the debate last night- glad to see good debate happening on campus, especially since the self-righteous Dems need to get put in their place

  2. zomfg  

    bwog, are the wondergirls coming to columbia?!?!

  3. Yo, Bwog  

    New content, please?

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