We’re All On Team Sachs

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Jeffrey Sachs is everywhere lately, including in his own dreams. An anonymous Facebook-loving tipster has sent in this screenshot, in which Sachs says publicly what we’ve all been thinking:

He’s a fan! Good for him for being honest! It’s nice to see that not all professors have been scared away from the internet.

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  1. Not a lie:  

    I heard the only way Jeffrey Sachs can reach orgasm is by becoming a fan of himself on Facebook.

  2. ...

    I celebrate myself, and sing myself,
    And what I assume you shall assume,
    For every atom belonging to me as good belongs to you, Facebook.

  3. ugh bwog  

    look at this. this girl wants to go to an ivy league school, and when they say "ivy league" they pan to a shot of an NYU banner. UGH


    • Well,

      Here's what makes me want to say "UGH": when commenting on a TV spot about the increasing number of high school students who cannot afford the tuition of their choice college (or cannot afford any tuition, period), you express such outrage over the brief and subtle implication that NYU is "ivy league".

      I'm hoping that you're a freshman--that would mean that there's time yet for you to gain some maturity and perspective. There is little reason for you to be so disgusted about this.

  4. Umm

    You do realize that NYU is more expensive than Columbia, right?

    • Well again

      (If that was a reply to my comment...)

      The point wasn't that one school is more expensive than the other. The point was that in this time when more people can't afford to send their kids to college--and when referencing a TV spot that points this out--it's a little off-the-mark to be worrying ("UGH UGH UGH") about the false implication that NYU is an ivy league university. In other words, stop being a prestige pig--feel lucky that you're at college at all.

  5. You do realize,  

    bwog, that there's a glaring typo in the last sentence, right?

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