Ask, And Ye Shall Receive Housing Cutoffs

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Yesterday, we noted that the 2008-09 housing cutoffs remained unposted, and shared our skepticism that they’d be up in time for the start of registration tomorrow. Credit where credit is due, though: Housing called our bluff, and the housing cutoffs are now posted. 

As for what the numbers say: Broadway exterior singles and Ruggles were more in demand (although the former has cycled from year to year), while River continued to dip in popularity. Of course, whether those trends continue is anybody’s guess – that’s why it’s called a lottery.


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  1. hmm...  

    600 W 113th - Single


    also: no group history!

  2. ruggles  

    was popular last year because it was renovated renovated over the past two years, so not a cycle.

  3. ahh yes  

    nothing like getting renovated renovated

  4. stuck in wien  

    the furnald single cutoff lies... I had a number below 300 and didn't get it. The 800 something number must refer to a group who disbanded and should not have been allowed to pick in to furnald from the beginning

  5. senior  

    so glad i don't have to deal with this again. but now i have to find a cheap place to live in nyc. =(

  6. did you know...

    Ashley Nieves was on Wheel of Fortune?! May 25th, put it on your calendar.

  7. newbie  

    what the hell do these numbers mean? What precisely is 20/1240 supposed to tell me about my chances of getting into a suite?

    missing pieces please?

    • Numbers  

      Rooms are picked in order of 1) Seniority, 2) Lottery number.

      Seniority: First number. 30 for rising seniors (people who will be seniors when they get the housing next year), 20 for rising juniors, 10 for rising sophomores. For suite groups, you average the point values of the members, Barnard students excepted.

      Lottery: Second number. Number assigned by a machine that determines the order in which you pick among people with the same seniority. If you are in a suite group, all of you will be assigned the same lottery number. In case you don't get a suite, you will all individually have that number when you fend for yourself in general selection.

      So, 30/3000 will pick before 20/1

      Cutoff: Tells you the seniority and lottery number of the group/person to take the last room of that type, i.e. the worst number to have gotten that room that year.

  8. Wow  

    You got a lot to learn...

    seriously, housing should be counted as part of the core curriculum or something

  9. insightful  

    fruitful remark...

    anyone else with any gems?

  10. news horse  

    hey bwog, news on the nyu occupiers: the admin of student affairs today told them are just suspended until friday at 5pm, not expelled

  11. Incorrect Numbers!  

    I had a 20/61 last year and got a woodbridge medium demand...and they claim that the last medium demand went to seniors...liars

  12. these numbers are wrong  

    wien singles were completely booked approximately 2,000 numbers ahead of what they claim.

  13. for ye rising seniors!  

    as a rising senior last year, i was able to get an external bdway single with a horrible number of around 2400. :)

  14. application  

    Is the application supposed to be up yet?

  15. Anonymous  

    we are 5 CC seniors looking for a 6th to get a suite in EC. email us!

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