Free Food, With a Dash of Jobs

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Two free food opportunities tonight, giving you the chance to both fill your stomach and get a job. In Earl Hall at 7, SGB, the Center for Career Education, and the Barnard Office of Career Development are hosting a “Civic Engagement Networking Night,” with free food for attendees. Confirmed employers include Habitat for Humanity, the New York Attorney General’s Office, and Teach for America, and Bwog’s been told that there’ll be alumni such as former CCSC and Dems head Seth Flaxman, CC ’07. And speaking of CCSC, the first of two final info sessions for potential candidates will be held at 8 in the Lerner 5th Floor Club Space.

For those with a different career path in mind, Club Zamana is hosting an “Alternative Career Fair” in the Satow Room, also at 7. Careers discussed include “Arts and Entertainment, Business Strategy and Development, Culinary Arts, and Advocacy and Non-Profit,” and, more importantly, “refreshments will be served.”

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  1. Strange/funny  

    email from George A. Krebs titled "Why Student Council Exists (and why you should consider running for it)". The first paragraph about the CC council is too accurate to be a joke. Please investigate?

  2. The Man  

    What exactly is "alternative" about Business Strategy and Development? Sounds like consulting to me.

  3. obviously  

    its alternative to the "good doctors" that Indian parents want their children to be

  4. Yum  

    That cake looks so good right now.

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