QuickHawk: Still Waiting

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– Photo courtesy of Rob Stenson

Even without any recent appearances from our dear avian friend, the Hawkmadinebwog soldiers on. Check out the latest posts.

Pretty red cardinals snuggle in the nooks of St. Paul’s chapel to stay warm.

NYC bird guru Yojimbot and Hawk blog editor Courtney Doud see tons of cool birds in the neighborhood.

In installment 2 of their adventures, Yojimbot reveals that our Hawkma(s?) may also go by the name “the cathedral pair,” and we should hope for Hawkma-lings!

And Walt Whitman on the ways of bird love, to impress that special someone.

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  1. we should  

    do lolhawks for sure. that way there will be bwog reader participation again. seems like Hawkmablog was just become doud's personal blog of sorts.

  2. this is an  

    offensive analogy, but just as rwandan church's were not effective refuges during the genocide because they represented the colonial past, i shall not donate to the senior fund, though financial is a good cause, because it represents the terrible columbia administration and toolish student government.

    Can i make a separate anonymous donation to financial aid instead so they can't use me in their statistics?

  3. hawkma_theory  

    is it possible that hawkma comes to new york for the winter then flies north to canada or something when it starts warming up?

  4. hawkma_hypothesis  

    or maybe his home has been displaced due to the ongoing construction at the riverside church

  5. err  

    somehow, i just don't care

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