Caffe Swish Is Resurrected As…

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Bwog fearless restaurant resuscitation expert James Downie sent in this picture of the restaurant replacing Caffe Swish:

It looks like the new eatery is The Vine: Sushi and Sake. Given their chosen language for job notices, though, the authenticity of the cuisine remains to be seen.

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  1. jds  

    se necesitan personas para cocina

  2. mmmm  

    so exciting for a sake bombing joint

  3. lol  

    asian people trying to speak english -- engrish... asian people trying to speak spanish -- spangrish? lol

  4. the people  

    at swish can't write in english, or spanish. not a criticism, just a note that you can't rely on their signs as an indication of anything. they probably just want some migrant workers to do the bus boy jobs and the other dirty work. little impact on authenticity.

  5. hmmm  

    i wonder if there will be legit sake bombing. banging tables and all.

  6. the people at swish  

    can't write in japanaese, either.

  7. swish  

    is the barbarian of morningside

  8. SAKE BOMB  

    sake bomb...
    sake bomb...
    sake bomb...

    proceeds to spit out sake bomb.

  9. Andy Bernard

    But will they have the Nog-a-sake at Christmas time?

  10. any  

    idea when this shit opens?

  11. you guys know  

    that you could sake bomb at swish before they closed...

  12. ...  

    you know what that sign screams to me... i'll tell you what it screams to me... it screams: "we bought a fancy new sign, some foofy new light fixtures and spent a boatload on a really terrible restaurant branding agency, so now we're putting the prices up and you won't be able to afford to eat here!"

    • Saga Fan

      I agree with #14 - Saga Sushi (although it isn't known to Columbia students) on 122 and Amsterdam is still the best sushi place. 3 roll combo for $10 and $12 at dinner time...and the food is excellent!

  13. 122!!!!  

    i hear i'll get stabbed if i go there!

  14. hey assclown  

    take better pictures, if you can't hold the camera still up the iso plz

  15. mexicans  

    ...cook about 90% of the restaurant meals you have eaten in New York, from the cheapest Chinese joint to the Jean Georges empire. They work harder than anyone else, the end. If you're hiring quality, competent, experienced chefs, doesn't matter what kind of cuisine it is, you put the shingle out in spanish.

  16. Yeppers

    I did prep work at one of the most famous new Southern restaurants in the South and if the head chef wasn't preparing the meal, he had two Mexican line cooks doing it. 99% of the time they had the chef's recipe down pat.

  17. noo  

    there is no excuse for "parsonas"

  18. new hire  

    so they're hiring parsons? finally a job for my UTS degree!

  19. vine  

    put out their new menu

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