EyePoke: It Turns Out We Live in New York

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 Photo Via the Eye

The new Eye website is now (finally) up and running! Just in time for the Eye to realize we live in New York City.

So does city living affect our love lives? Didn’t we already read about this?

City life allows us to overhear funny things. Is ripping off part of City life too?

Cramped spaces mean snooping on wireless networks.

Oh yeah, cool things sometimes happen here, too.

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  1. informative  

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  2. "Overheard"  

    is not unique to you, Bwog. I think you know that.

    I also quite enjoyed this article: http://eye.columbiaspectator.com/article/2009/02/25/humor

  3. news flash  

    barnard girls like sugar daddies

  4. who are these nyu boys  

    that these girls claim to be dating? five out of the six straight ones?

  5. aw c'mon  

    why are you full of such weak snark and thinly veiled envy?

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