What Makes This Blog Different From All Other Blogs? Judaism!

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In anticipation of the Hebrew awesomeness slated to invade Miller tonight (tickets are available at the TIC), Bwog would like to officially welcome the Columbia/Barnard Hillel blog onto the internet scene.

The blog seems like an aggregation of Jewish events in and around Morningside Heights as well as photos from said events. But, given the great introduction video, maybe the site will have some comedy as well (though they have stiff comedic competition and a lot of history). 

Anyhow, best of luck, Hillel blog. We add you to the lower right hand side of our site with pride.


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  1. Boo  

    I was disappointed w/ the name thoushaltblog

    jewshaltblog (as in you shall blog) is better

    or the jwog

  2. disappointed with name  

    you have no idea...

  3. wow  

    bwog you are so nice lately wth

  4. jwog  

    whoever you are who came up with jwog---awesomeeee---probably plagiarizing a bit, but still, awesomee.. It is not too late to change.

    thoushaltblog is ass

  5. ummm  

    woah they better calm down with the font colors. I think I just had a seizure.

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