Dogs Can Smell More Than Jerky, Drugs, and Fear

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 Image courtesy of NYTimes.com

So much for animals not being allowed in the dorms.

A New York Times article today reveals how two Manhattan exterminators have begun using trained dogs to sniff out bedbugs, and they tell the Times they’ve visited “a big, big university on the West Side.”

The dogs, named Pasha and Ruby, are typically hired by hotels, but some apartments and schools have requested their bedbug-hunting services, including apparently our own fine institution.

The exterminators, Michael Morin and Donald Frey, say they keep the locations of the infestations confidential, but given how readily the pair let slip the Columbia tidbit to a major national newspaper, it’s a wonder no one has entrusted them with any actually important secrets.

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  1. yep  

    there were several infestations in schapiro only a few weeks ago

  2. !!!!  

    beagle!!!! i will pretend to have bedbugs just for those dogs to come to my room.

  3. eww  

    i had bedbugs last year. such a pain! i'm still paranoid about them...

  4. Fordham...

    ...isn't a big university on the West Side?

    /probably us. :(

  5. nope

    fordham is in the bronx. and the east bronx at that.

    your choices are pretty much us and us.

  6. awwww  

    doggies! Look at them. Both cute, friendly and useful. Everything cats are not.

  7. hmmm  

    I wonder what roger wilde thinks of those beagles.

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