Were They Separated At Birth?

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It’s been said that everyone has a doppelganger, but up till now, that’s just been a quaint piece of folklore. Startling administrator photos discovered by Bwog this week may force us to reconsider, though. Is this the product of mere coincidence or are our twins really out there? Take a look at the comparisons and decide for yourself.


 “Bollinger” and “Bridges” are only a few letters apart, you know. 



 Some Lasik surgery and heavy eyeliner later, the

Dean has stepped into the 23rd century



 Bridges photo courtesy of Kavitha Davidson

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  1. umm  

    no, that picture of professor moody's twin looks nothing like her. nice try, but just because they're both black women doesn't mean they look alike. at all.

  2. man  

    Stop trying to see racism everywhere! Really, it's not there!

  3. Straight up

    Dean Michele Moody-Adams is hott. I hope there's no Mr. Moody-Adams.

  4. lolz  

    the bollinger comparison is certainly more apt than the MMA one...

  5. Anonymous  

    ok but lloyd bridges looks a lot more like prezbo than moody-adams looks like uhura. just sayin

  6. guess i picked  

    the wrong week to quit smoking

  7. Nerd Alert  

    That's not really the best photo of the actress who played Uhura...she's older now and I actually do see the resemblance to Moody-Adams. At least, as much of a resemblance as there is between Bollinger and Bridges...

  8. in all  

    fairness, the hairdos do look the same.

  9. You wonder

    if the day that Bollinger found out about how much the endowment tanked he uttered "looks like I picked the wrong week to quit popping pills!"

  10. god damnit...  

    The person is Nichelle Nichols. The character is Lt. Uhura. If the character had been played by a white woman, her and the Dean would probably never be mistaken for each other. Get it straight and quit pissing all over the best show ever.


  11. Nichelle Nichols  

    is my hero.

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