U2 to Secretly Rock Fordham?

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Here’s a reason (the only reason?) to wish you’d committed your four years to the Bronx instead of Morningside Heights:  a TOP SECRET U2 concert!  The Irish quartet will be gracing Letterman for the first week of March, and Fordham indie radio station the Alternate Side strongly suspects that a Friday morning show (that’s the 6th of March) at the Jesuit university is also in the cards.  

“Professors have reportedly been told by administrators to cancel morning classes ‘for security reasons,’” announces the Alternate Side’s blog.  Lions, feel free to take this opportunity to mock Fordham’s regular Friday classes, but don’t even think of making the convoluted trip to try to see Bono & company–without a “Fordham ID in your name,” apparently you’ve next to no chance of even being allowed on campus that Friday, let alone near the concert.

If this segregation makes you blue, take heart and tell yourself that it’s possible that our favorite vampires will decide not to let Rams into their show if/when they come back on campus again.  Maybe.

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  1. geography  

    Fordham is not in Queens, it's in the Bronx. Does no one edit these posts anymore?

  2. Good God  

    No more Vampire Weekend, please! Make it stop...

  3. grammar nazi  

    "u2 to ROCK fordham SECRETLY"

    shame on you for splitting the infinitive, bwog.

  4. Eh..  

    I'd probably be upset about this, but U2 sort of went downhill after the 80s/early 90s. And I'm not saying that to be a musical snob - Bono has done a lot of commendable social work. But honestly...Beautiful Day?

  5. and

    UPenn is getting Lady Gaga.

  6. and, not an ivy, but  

    de la soul is performing at skidmore

  7. hmph  

    the only way columbia can make anything up to me is to raise tupac from the dead, and then after the performance, shoot him so no other schools can have him perform.

  8. hm.  

    what is this 'fordhamn' place you speak of?

  9. oh.hello.there  


  10. DJT

    I chose Fordham over Columbia... and especially glad I did this week!

  11. bvegan

    u2 is playing adp on friday night. it's open to current and former members of adp plus one guest each. also part of this stupid big apple promo tour they're doing. expect campus to be a zoo friday night.

  12. Publius

    So comforting to see the that nothing eminating from Columbia -not even this insignificant blog - is without the sterotypically smug, demeaning, and painfully obvious lack of self-esteem that manifests through mocking others. You embarass yourselves - but fortunately I have my Fordham degree to cover for my Columbia degree, so I at least am spared embarassment.

  13. Harry "BONO" Farrison

    FODAM REWLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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