All-Day Windbags, But More Fun

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Starting in about fifteen minutes in Roone Auditorium is the Columbia Festival of Winds.  It sounds like a Zelda game, but it’s arguably more fun than that.  Seven ensembles, including the Wycliffe Gordon Quartet, will be performing until 9:30 tonight.

Tickets are $15, but that comes out to a mere $1.58 per hour.  And all that benefits music education programs in New York City.

The famed quartet will be making their appearance around 8:00 PM, but there’ll be plenty of great music (and a few Powerpoints, we daresay) until then.

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  1. yea  


  2. i am

    disappointed i missed this. i hope a lot of people took advantage of this show, Wycliffe is the man and a very talented musician

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