Last Chance for Snow Phalli

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 Photo by Kate Linthicum

March is coming in like a Columbia lion, says Bwog’s personal meteorologist, albeit more like a Lion that actually wins once in a while.

Those sad suits at local TV stations are predicting one last whopper of a snowstorm for us in Manhattan.  8-12 inches of snow by 6:00 PM tomorrow, and perhaps a fair share of sleet, too.

So enjoy that little bit of hope when, tomorrow morning, bright-eyed and shaggy-haired for your 9:00 AM seminar, you think, just for a moment, that classes are canceled.

And since they won’t be, you can tell your folks over spring break how you trudged through the snow while PrezBo rode a sleigh a block and a half.

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  1. the only  

    time I miss high school is when school isn't canceled for snow. 8-12 inches...we'd definitely have the day off.

  2. Woooo:  

    I am so very excited for snow.

  3. Anonymous  


    MONDAY 9-10 PM
    Meet in front of Butler!

  4. What  

    the fuck? Give me some goddamn Spring!

  5. hey  

    previous reports of the storm of the century left us blue-balled. so i'm not believing the snow until i see it

  6. WHAT?  

    (GOD DAMN!)

  7. when i was in high school  

    they'd give us off for a quarter of an inch! and then then we'd have off so often for a quarter of an inch that when it actually snowed a lot, we wouldn't get off because we ran out of snow days!

    that being said...has columbia EVER issued weather-related cancellations of class?

  8. Columbia Lion?

    In which case, we should expect a half hour of heavy snow, then dying out, crushing everyone's hopes and dreams.

  9. there's hope

    if your prof doesn't live in the city (and many don't) your class will most likely be canceled. my 9:10 class already was since my prof has to drive in.

  10. Hmhp.  

    I'll believe it when I see it. My heart's already been broken too many times this winter!

  11. wooooo  

    my 910 and 1035 classes have both been cancelled. boom, roasted.

  12. i have  

    a takehome due and an in-class midterm tomorrow. fingers crossed to the max.

  13. what  

    is a snow phalli?

  14. lame  

    other city universities are having snow days.

  15. WHERE  


  16. in the know

    my father went to columbia and said there was a snow day during the blizzard of '78. the next one i think came in '95. i think then there was like one in 2003.

    so on average, one a decade.

  17. The good old days  

    I miss high school in Maine. Soooo much snow...that actually manifested into snow days.

  18. so down  

    for football in the snow

  19. goddamn  

    really wish international politics were cancelled (w/ jervis). don't wanna deal with this midterm... ugh

  20. whoo!  

    in my four years here, one of my classes actually got canceled because of the snow!

  21. that child  

    looks nothing like a snow phallus

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