This Week in Procrastination: That Which Affects You

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While you block it all out, they’re giving lectures about keeping your life on track in this newly-disordered world.

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How to Think About the Financial Crisis: Famous Indian Economist Prabhat Patnaik and some guy named Stiglitz will be talking about dealing with the consequences of These Economic Times.  11:00 AM @ 301 Uris.


Globalization and Higher Education: Indian economist and professor Deepak Nayyar, whose improperly-capitalized Wikipedia page is more like a resume, will be lecturing.  4:00 PM @ 306 Russell Hall, TC.


Short Films, Re: Asia: The AAA, OPS, and others present a series of short films on the “Asian Diaspora.”  They’re promising “light food and refreshments,” which are always welcome.  7:00 PM @ Broadway Room, Lerner.


CNN Correspondent on Leadership: Moderated by PrezBo, apparently the World Leaders Forum also includes broadcast news correspondents6:00 PM @ Casa Italiana.

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  1. Scared  

    Why does it look like the boom box is smiling at me?

  2. Dear LBD  

    Where did you take that picture?? I had to throw out a boom box EXACTLY like the one in the picture last semester...

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