Make It A Real Snowday – Go Sledding!

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and all NYC public schools are giving their students a snowday. Although Columbia is not joining in on the fun, there’s no better way to pretend you’re 7 and school’s canceled than a healthy dose of neighborhood sledding.

You definitely can’t steal a dining hall tray and sled down a hill with your outdoors-y type chums, or whatever it is they do at New England schools, so just head to one of the several hills in Riverside Park.There’s an especially steep hill at 116th Street, a few medium-sized ones at 107th and 108th Streets next to the dog runs, and another promising hill further down at 102nd. If you feel like traveling for your fun, Central Park sledding can be lovely if it’s not crowded, and there is also especially good sledding on the East Side in the 80’s and 90’s.

Squeeze into your snowpants and try to be as cute as Snow Baby Starfish. We triple dog dare you.


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  1. jjtrays  

    too bad they're no more trays from John Jay, now would have been a good time to use them

  2. jjtraysredux  

    i understand that they will give you a tray if you request one

  3. fail  

    as i sat on my tray to sled down the steps, public safety approaches me and tells me i am not allowed to go down the steps...he proceeds to follow me as i walk away from low plaza and from ANY of its facilities are furiously shoveling the snow away...

    so i went to riverside.

    • UGH  

      I love how the prospect of students actually enjoying themselves is motivation enough for Facilities to start doing their job.

      Now all we need to do is derive pleasure from housing incompetence, 1990s CUIT technology running off-campus Flex, and shitty, overpriced food in 212. Let's get to it, guys!

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