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At the beginning of the semester, we posted a link about a missing schoolteacher from Hamilton Heights. The teacher, Hannah Emily Upp, was rescued in New York Harbor a few weeks later, but was profiled in the Times’ City Section yesterday due to the unusual circumstances of her disappearance.

Upp has a form of amnesia called dissociative fugue which causes people to forget their identities. As the Times article points out, most are familiar with dissociative fugue only because it is the condition that afflicted Matt Damon in “The Bourne Ultimatum.”

Upp cannot piece together the three weeks of her life when she was missing, but has declined to discuss her situation with the media thus far other than the Times. In Upp’s words, “Maybe people I’ve never met and never will meet will think I’m crazy, but maybe it’s better than going on Oprah, you know?”

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  1. yes it is  

    screw Oprah

  2. i like it  

    i'd rather have a bottle in front of me than Oprah on top of me

  3. i give here credit  

    so many people feel the need to take advantage of their small grasp at 15 minutes of fame... something frightening happened to her, i'm sure she is dealing with a lot... there's no reason she should be bombarded by media outlets and "sharing her story" with any and everyone

  4. ditto

    and the times article was good

  5. Question:  

    How was she alive, floating face down in the river? She must have been really messed up.

  6. red

    this article, and hannah, are full of shit. she was just another suburban / rural white girl who thought she was special during her time spent in school, working all kinds of activist jobs, pretending that NYC loved her, then she entered the real world, where those 'benighted' students she was teaching weren't as idealized as she had hoped, where nobody gave a shit about her nose piercing or about her 'unique' identity, so she decided to run off to attract some attention.

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