QuickSpec: Sometimes Things Are Fun Here Edition

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Our very best mini cooks and pastry chefs spin culinary gold out of Iron Chef Columbia’s themed ingredient

We watch TV here, too! As long as the show is about our major. Is this gonna be on the midterm?

Columbians like jokes, too. Here’s one sparkling Spec set-up that never quite leaves the ground: “Three rabbis of different Jewish denominations walked into the Hillel Center Sunday evening.”

A good way to have fun is to go for a long walk in a cold and damp Scottish city and think about your life

A not-so-good way to have fun is to talk about the University’s budget cutbacks.

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  1. unrelated  

    a whole album of Britney Spears is playing in 212 - this is not pleasant

  2. bwog, have my babies  

    dry sarcasm is oh so sexy. i sneer, i drool, i dry hump.

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