Restaurant Week Becomes Restaurant Lifetime

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Its official: the state of New York will not rest until you eat a $35 dinner at a really expensive restaurant.

Restaurant Week, which was supposed be over in late January, has now been extended until March 20. 130 restaurants are still on board for the $24.07 lunch and $35 dinner deals, further proof that New Yorkers aren’t living like they used to these DOW-dismal days. 

Restaurant Week: the thrill is gone.



  1. wtf  

    flex is fucked up.

  2. who  

    cares. who is playing bacchanale?

  3. ...  

    yet more proof that restaurant week is not, in fact, a good deal.

  4. this...  

    totally takes away from the draw of restaurant week. this summer no one will take advantage of it if it's been going on between the winter and summer restaurant weeks!!

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