Snow-Related Fun Tonight

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After the sunsets on your snow-blanketed campus tonight, you can partake in a few winter wonderland-esque activities to celebrate the blizzard.

Rachael McMillan cordially invites you to a “snow extravaganza” outside Butler tonight from 9-10, and we’ve been informed that the ski team is attempting to build a jump off of Low Steps at 10. Our ski team tipster tells us not to worry about the lack of snow currently on the Steps: they’ll still be there with garbage bags and shovels.

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  1. rachael  

    is such a douche

  2. douche  

    is a funny insult when it is aimed at girls.

  3. nope  

    Rachael's awesome!

  4. Rumor is  

    ...that the fun police will be out in full force to ensure no fun (especially in the form of ski jumps) happens tonight.

  5. should  

    po po end the fun, skiteam will be traveling to an alternate location

  6. it seems  

    like the extravaganza was cancelled... or busted

  7. person  

    they let them build the ramp... and only then did they intervene

  8. Surfin' UWS  

    This war on fun is getting ridiculous. Is there one fun thing left thats permissible here. I saw security break up a snowball fight. A snowball fight for fuck sake!

  9. ski team  

    'CEASE AND DESIST!' screamed the incandescent security guard, charging towards the merry jump builders

  10. rachael  

    is amazing!!!

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