Yup, It’s A BBQ

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The administration has given the OK to a 40s on 40 replacement: as reported last Monday, its replacement will be “The Senior BBQ,” held on April 7th from 12-2. How much this will differ from last year’s incarnation remains to be seen, but no doubt last year’s rural-farm-esque fence will be a key part of the humiliation.

Also, side note to potential brownbaggers: our fine university thinks snow kills small children, so your beverage will probably be considered first-degree murder. Slake your thirst at your own risk.


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  1. problem  

    If it is from Columbia Catering, it is not a BBQ. It is a cookout. Unless the seniors get to make a giant bonfire.

    • true  

      I was just going to say that. its cookout unless brisket, ribs or pulled pork are served after being cooked/smoked over a fire. i hate that everyone up here calls cookouts bbqs. its a disgrace to true BBQs everywhere.

  2. EAL  

    Fuck it, man. I'm brownbagging. Let them try to arrest me.

  3. brownbagger  

    they can't stop all of us. or they can try, but I'll give them a run for their money

  4. student  

    student councils are a sellout

  5. cc'08

    the key to drinking on 40s on 40 is just to avoid Low Plaza. every public safety guy and his mom is down there. a bunch of us drank from Nalgene bottles by Mathmatics last year and no one came near us.

  6. yeaaaa, but  

    Who really wants to drink in front of Mathematics?



  8. oh boy

    where do i sign up!

  9. will tgere

    be beer at the BBQ

  10. on a Tuesday+  

    from 12-2??? What about those of us who have CLASS?

  11. Or...  

    Drink in front of Lewisohn, talk for the sake of talking, and attempt to creepily hit on freshman girls!

  12. lunch  

    so, basically, columbia is buying seniors lunch?

  13. mmm  

    I can just taste the dry overcooked hamburgers now...

  14. does  

    anybody actually know when 40s on 40 is? is april 7th correct?

  15. lets re-name it  

    NEWMAN'S DAY! one beer an hour!

  16. so...  

    we'll go to the BBQ crap on the 7th, and then on the 9th (when 40s on 40 ACTUALLY is) we will brown bag it... DO BOTH!

    The "war on fun" may actually be winning said "war"... but we could at least put up a good fight for a battle or two...

  17. BBQ

    As far as I recall, there has always been a barbecue in April-- at least for every year since I've been a freshman-- and it's been for all of the classes. Alcoholic beverages have been supplied for those 21+, but the barbecue has been supplied for all. And one time, at least, it rained furiously and everything was drenched in water.

  18. FINALLY  

    obviously 12-2 is a completely unreasonable time for any senior activity.

  19. what about  

    Passover? Isn't the number of students who are affected by class much greater than the number affected by Passover? Bullshit.

  20. stop  

    being LAME. Seriously STOP IT. Skip class. Also who was class from 1215-110. I dunno maybe you do, but SKIP IT.

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