We’re Three, and We’re Raucous

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As of last month, Bwog has turned three years old, and is looking forward to a full set of teeth, complete sentences, counting, and eating as many Lucky Charms as possible. Mmm, tiny marshmallows.

As such, you are pleasantly informed that the third anniversary of our birth will be celebrated on Friday at La Negrita (Columbus & 109th Street), at 10 p.m (same as last year). Come one, come all, etc.!

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  1. copy staff  

    Marshmallows. mAllow. As in, "i iz not a."

  2. copy staff  

    Being three and entering your third year are not the same.

  3. huzah!

    happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Question  

    Do you have to be 21 to get in?

  5. i'll avoid going...  

    because i know jim downie's gonna be there...

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