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Are your friends finally getting tired of hearing that same completely ridiculous story about last Saturday night? Desperately need someone new to listen to your drunkscapades? Never fear – CCSC is here!As promised at a recent CCSC meeting, an email to the senior class last night included an item called “CCSC Wants Your Stories.”

Unfortunately, only stories related to university policy on alcohol, parties, and noise.  Nobody wants to listen to you talk about your awesome night downtown with your awesome NYU friends at their awesome dorm (even if it miraculously did not involve cigarettes).

The reason they don’t is that the “research” comprised of student stories will serve to bolster the council’s appeals to the administration to give a little slack in the War on Fun. So when they say “Has your party been broken up?” they mean “Please tell us dramatic stories of obviously unwarranted actions by public safety,” and when they say “Have you ever been disturbed by a party?” they mean “We expect no one to respond to this question but because we asked it we can assume that no one is bothered, so parties should never be shut down for noise.” Sorry, sleepy-head, but sometimes the individual must sacrifice himself for the greater good. Blurb from the email after the jump.


CCSC Wants Your Story

CCSC is currently investigating the noise, party, and alcohol policies at Columbia. Has your party been broken up? Have you had issues accessing campus late at night? Have you ever been disturbed by a party? Help CCSC research this issue by sharing your thoughts, either through an anonymous e-mail or by attending our weekly meeting. You can email Council’s policy group at and we will maintain your privacy. We will discuss this issue on Sunday, March 9th, at 8 p.m. in Satow on the 5th floor of Lerner.


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  1. ...

    CCSC should threaten to publicise these stories on some sort of medium like a website or through handouts to prospective students in April.

    If you threaten Columbia College's yield by discouraging prospective students, you can probably get the administration's attention. I also think it is a public service that students make their decision to attend Columbia with full knowledge about the administration's draconian policies. I wish somebody had the decency to do that for me.

    Obviously, this is a radical idea but it is the only way.

    Do you think the administration doesn't know that students hate this policy? That's ridiculous. The administration knows the effect of this policy.

    What is needed is to threaten to inform the uninformed about the effects of these policies. Even the threat will be enough to make the administration to back off.

    • stupid  

      Like they'll care, they'll shut down CCSC before shit like that goes down--what university is going to try and market drinking upfront?

      Yield will probably go up if parents find out that their kids won't be getting drunk all the time.

      • ...

        There are no parents usually on the DOC weekends... just kids

      • but  

        if campus tours are interrupted by unhappy students, no one will send their kids here.

        • huh  

          Great thinking! Let's all reduce the value of our undergraduate degrees in the marketplace by lessening the school's prestige.

          Where do I sign up?

          • come on douche  

            I bet it is people like you who gave to the senior fund to "increase the value of their degree" by getting a higher participation rate which apparently affects rankings. I think it is incredibly sad that senior fund has to resort to arguments like that to get people to donate. The even sadder part is that it works because there are tons of people like you. Kids- do you think it will really change your life if Columbia is ranked a couple of spots higher or a couple of spots lower? Cause that is really all, at most, that we are talking about. Don't donate to senior fund. Show them how crappy your college experience was with this war on fun bullshit.

        • Also  

          Be a bit more mature and recognize that while the majority of students are unhappy about drinking policy, ME INCLUDED, that doesn't mean we are unhappy with the school as a whole.

          It's juvenile to boil your entire collegiate experience down to a few spoiled parties.

      • 1968  

        if they shut down ccsc, we shut down low library!

  2. It's true  

    The most effective form of protest would be for students to interrupt those dishonest campus tours that are being held and talk about what's really going on.

  3. hmm

    Basically the only times there are parties here are on weekend nights. It's not like the colleges of most of my high school friends where people party during the week as well. I am not a huge partier, but I understand that if I want to study on a weekend night, I can either go to Butler or select to live in a dorm that isn't prone to partying.

  4. ...  

    "i used to like to go to parties, but then they all got shut down. so now i drink alone in my room. instead of beer i now drink night train, except i don't just drink it at night anymore, now i have it with breakfast to stave off the shakes. i don't really care if you ease off, i'm not interested in going to parties anymore anyway..."

  5. no, that is not  

    a blurb from the email, rather, it is the entire email.

  6. Adil  

    has taken on some of the toughest issues for undergraduate student life, and while he has not always had complete success, he clearly has the confidence of the council and the ability to lead them. this seems like the best way to tackle the "war on fun"

  7. DOI IT!

    SEND IN YOUR STORIES! if we dont send them in, they wont know, they wont have ammunition. send in even the smallest story about harmless (or not so harmless but nonetheless none of CU's business) parties being broken up.

  8. I'm Sure

    Administrators are going to take stories backed up by nothing seriously.

    "This one time, we were having this great party talking about how much we were going to donate after graduation, and it was totally quiet and not bothering anyone, but then security broke it up and kicked people out for no reason!"

  9. I love  

    Columbia because of the classes i've taken, the friends i've made, and the city i'm in.

    i hate it because of the administration...more specifically, the useless bureaucrats in student life and housing departments.

    i can honestly say that i have had a lesser educational experience simply because of excessive and unnecessary administrative bullshit.

    • ditto.  

      could not have said it better myself.

      watching things get progressively worse since '05 has pretty much airplane-cemented my decision to not give this school a penny more of my money. ever.

    • curious

      I agree with you that there is a lot of "excessive and unnecessary administrative bullshit." But are you trying to say that your educational experience was ruined by alcohol policies? How specifically?

    • very well said  

      i really hope something becomes of this CCSC stories idea, although i remain quite skeptical.

      i really don't understand the university's motivations in this 'war on fun.' why demoralize already depressed and isolated students? why not instead let us have a ski jump and a few parties?

      fucking administration...

  10. see it's

    the experience at columbia that was tainted.

    the experience isn't just in the classroom.

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