EyePoke: Tearful Eye

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This edition of the Eye is all about depression and mental health, which makes Bwog feel guilty. Sorry that we were a little mean with last week’s EyePoke, guys, but that’s no reason to get upset. Want talk about it? Hug it out?

Former Spec Editor-in-Chief Tom Faure writes on depression.

Another piece on alcohol and psychiatric disorders.

…wait. Now the Eye is mocking its own depression. No more sympathy from us!



  1. this issue  

    the photos in this issue were, quite frankly, horrible. i'm getting tired of these cheesy posed photos of fake misery / student life, etc

    i really love the graphic design in the magazine, just wish the photographers would get their shit together

    • well then  

      How would you go about taking photos for an Eye assignment, then? Your criticisms are valid (I wasn't a huge fan of the photos in this spread either), but photo illustrations do tend to be posed. There aren't too many other ways to do them.

  2. you can  

    just do fewer of them

  3. hmm  

    i thought the photos have been better this semester but the layout has been worse. in general though, i think the eye is one of the best-looking publications on campus. but i agree, they won't great this time.

  4. the mirror photo  

    was awesome.

  5. sigh

    it's nice to know i'm not the only one who is so sad

  6. Anonymous

    I'm glad Tom Faure had the courage to talk about his personal experiences so candidly. As someone in a similar situation, it's nice to see someone who isn't afraid to speak openly on the issue. I could relate to every single thing in the article.

  7. reply to 6 and 7  

    what a typically columbian exchange: someone expresses a genuine sense of sadness and alienation from the greater community, and another person responds by questioning the first one's motives and generally being hostile.

    • Agreed

      I figured out after graduating that Columbia kids tend to care about little else than looking smart. For the most part, the upper tier schools are not about actually being more intelligent but rather about the way the students carry themselves. Unfortunately, for some Columbia people their sense of self-worth comes from making others feel stupid.
      Columbians could use a little humility.

  8. note to self  

    it's really hard to listen to INXS and read about depression simultaneously.

  9. the photographer  

    hop off my dick, bitches.

  10. meh  

    Didn't love the language of the Faure piece; What, exactly, about the "vicious cycle" of depression is tautological, besides your use of that word?

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