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Resident Columbia film star James Franco has reportedly signed a book deal to publish a collection of short stories. The newly minted bard, who already carries some weight in the publishing world, is also set to act in a film about ex-Columbia literary luminary Allen Ginsberg.

The writerly impulse apparently runs in the family since Franco’s mom is an author too, and he has read some of her audio books. No word yet if this literary turn will bring Franco to Wien.       

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  1. what did you expect?  

    i mean dartmouth is just such a joke it is ridiculous.

  2. Jaded  

    It's really hard to feel like a productive student when this is what you're competing with.

  3. What's  

    happening on the steps, Bwog?

  4. Kat

    Did anyone read Ethan Hawke's book, The Hottest State? It was just about the worst thing I've ever read!

    But I have higher hopes for Franco. Hot people can write, too! See?:

  5. he looks  

    like such a douche when he's in the library

  6. well  

    my friend got a pic with him.

  7. P.S.  

    SPOTTED: "James Franco" brand slippers being sold by that vendor at 111th and Broadway.

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