You Are All Graciously Invited…

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Bwog may be celebrating its third birthday tonight, but don’t expect Cheerios and apple juice.

That’s because the party’s headed to La Negrita, at Columbus and 109th Street. Tip[ple]off is officially set at 10 p.m., but Bwog recommends you arrive earlier to guarantee entrance.

Besides welcoming in Bwog’s novum annum, we’ll also be rolling out the red carpet for the new February-March issue of the Blue & White, fresh from the printers. Copies will be available for party-goers tonight.

You’re graciously invited — see you soon!

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  1. ill be there  

    right after me and carlton finish tidying the p. protectors!

  2. U2...  

    I know Bwog posted on the speculation that U2 would be at Fordham, but if you didn't see it here it is:

    Man PrezBo - something's gotta be done about that!

  3. Alum

    Invitations are generally cordial, not gracious. They can be gracious, but only under unusual circumstances (as when extended to an enemy).

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