Tutu, Cahill to Speak on the Death Penalty at a Church Near You

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Please pardon the late start this morning (or afternoon); after Bwog’s graciously-attended birthday party last night, we’re a little sleepy.  All that Pin the Tail on the Donkey, you know.

But the news does not pause for hangovers, and Primate of the Bwogosphere Jon Hill has spotted an exciting opportunity to hear Archbishop Desmond Tutu and “bestselling historian” (and Columbia grad student of yore) Thomas Cahill “speak on the moral imperative to end the death penalty.”  The talk, free and open to the public, takes place this Wednesday at 7 PM at the Riverside Church.

The discussion will focus on Cahill’s new book, A Saint on Death Row: The Story of Dominque Green (no, not the Bond villain).  Green spent twelve years on death row in Texas, during which both Cahill and Tutu advocated (unsuccessfully) for him. It promises to be a thoroughly moral evening. 

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  1. Tutu

    Is giving UNC's commencement address. Hopefully Columbia can do a bit better than reuniting the cast of Lost this go around.

  2. it's  


  3. Desmond  

    has his barrow in the market place...
    Molly is the singer in a band!

  4. how about  

    ending abortion?
    Death penalty=ending the life of killers
    abortion=ending the life of pure innocent babies

    The death penalty is wrong, but abortion is far worse.

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