Well, It Is March

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How else to explain the forty degree swing in five days? Yes, Bwog’s weather meter currently reads 67 degrees out. But without much sun, the steps are sadly somewhat less than crowded.

If you’re still wavering on whether to venture out, just remember: it’s back into the 40s after Sunday.


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  1. If you don't mind,  

    celsius conversion please?

  2. that's because  

    the hell that is midterms week is here.

  3. kelvin  

    kelvin conversion please.. while you're at that convert the temperature to something we can all understand, in micrometers. thanks

  4. Can I get that  

    in cubic liters please

  5. five and six  

    are really stupid and lame people

  6. why was...  

    six afraid of seven?

    because seven eight nine

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