Free Food: Not Koronet’s Edition

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The CC’10 Class Council has something delicious in store this evening.

It’s free food and free massages.  But wait–it’s not pizza, it’s Chipotle!

Not only that, but the council members will be handing out vaguely-termed “spring break gear,” which Bwog can only hope means sleeping pills and cake.

The luxury begins at 9:00 PM on the ramps.  You’d better hurry in before the burritos start rolling down the ramps.

Update, 7:33 PM: Doughnut sensei Colin Felsman says: “The senior class has about 12 dozen doughnuts and 3 gallons of coffee to give away. And class rings to buy.”  On the ramps from now until Chipotle at 9:00, it’s all yours.

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  1. does anyone know  

    if there will be any burritos without cheese?

  2. i'd go to this event..  

    except there's always such a massive crowd at free-foodings that i always end up coming away with a headache, rather than the promised edibles

  3. if i am  

    seas 09 can i still join?

  4. umm  

    where are the doughnuts?

  5. son of a WHORE!  


    Eating a Chipotle burrito which cost me 8$ right now I have to admit; I'm bummed out.

  6. Question

    Do they hand out whole burritos or are they having like little tacos and chips??

    These are the questions that the people are asking

  7. why  

    are the class rings not classy?

  8. I don't want donuts  

    I want a class day speaker. When do we find out who it is?

  9. don't go  

    the line to the burritos is ridiculous.

  10. junior  

    def too long of a line ... and I hear you only get a fraction of a burrito ... false/misleading advertising

  11. backrub  

    what happened to the Stressbusters they advertised?

  12. Everything  

    is there, just less of it.

    They had 200 burritos for everyone, which they cut in half. Two people are giving our massages and the line was way too long.

    Gonna order a real sized burrito form taqueria now, at least that will be a real dinner.

  13. anyone  

    having problems with housing application

    aka no application tab?

  14. What  

    is the "spring break gear"?

    • Yay!  

      It was amazing! (if you got there early enough) Only half a burrito yes, but enough chips and guac to make up for it. Plus they were giving out beach balls! =D Props to CC'10.

  15. CC '09  

    Bwog is the best

  16. ALERT



    (If you already wrote about this Bwog, then my bad haha)

  17. whiner  

    I got in line at 9 and by the time i got to the front of the line like 20 minutes later, there were only tiny, pitiful-looking veggie burritos left and even those were running out.
    It's just too hard to give out that little food to that many people.

    I guess you can't complain when it's free.

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