Let’s Do the Time Warp Again

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Determined to confuse young minds just before spring break, the folks over at NIST pushed all the clocks ahead by an hour last night in a semi-annual tradition known as Daylight Saving Time.

We now know that the energy-saving aspirations of the March-November shift were bunk, but at least children now can trick-or-treat in daylight in the Fall.

What does this mean for all of us too old to storm around the neighborhood as Pikachu?  One less hour to study for midterms.

Ready, set, panic.

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  1. What  

    happens when a stubbly The Blob goes on Queer Eye?

    Gay whites shaving slime!

  2. This  

    sucks. I'm tired

  3. Heh

    Ironic that you have a pic of big ben there, since the clocks don't change in England til the 29th.

  4. this time  

    change is amazing... now it is daylight at 7 pm! Thanks, George Bush!

  5. Screw DST  

    Let's hope our most famous alumnus fixes all this bullshit:

  6. This is  

    totally CUSJ's fault

  7. yay...  

    as backwards as arizona is, their stance on DST is the wisest in the nation.

  8. It's just a jump  

    to the left...

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