Midterms Week Officially Commences

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We know that, judging by the crowds at Butler far into Friday and Saturday evening this weekend, midterms week has been in earnest for many of you, and that some of you have been in midterm-induced struggles-ville since last week. The powers that be, familiar as always with the realities of undergraduate life, have scheduled the first “midterm date” for today. 

In that spirit, we’ll direct to you to the libraries’ website, which has links to all Columbia’s study spots, and inform you that until Friday, 301 and 310 Butler will be open 24/7. Huzzah! Best of luck in all your mid-semester endeavors. Four days and counting until spring break. 

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    "Snarky journalism appeals to those who were teased in grade school and don’t ever want to be made fun of again."

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    see if you're doing LSD on college walk?

    glow library!

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