Procrastination with Glowsticks and Free Food

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Those needing an escape tonight from the hellish hours of studying that await them tonight, tomorrow, the next day, and everyday after that until somehow spring break arrives, are in luck.

Tonight, there will be free glowsticks, hot cider and, um, information about the CU Relay for Life, coming up on April 4th. There’s also free food of some sort in Lerner’s Satow Room for a panel event on the media until 9 PM.

Update, 9:06 PM: Apparently there’s free pizza in the Carman lounge right now and there will be a CC’10 study break in the McBain lounge at 10:00 PM, featuring cereal and milk.  The Hillel Purim Bash is in Lerner Party Space right now as well.  Free food galore!



  1. What does an

    LSD-taking Columbia student see if he or she looks north from college walk?

    Glow library!

  2. Relay For Life  

    The Relay For Life stuff will be on College Walk around 9:15 tonight--come get cider and talk to us about fighting cancer. WOOOOOO!!!

  3. Carmanite  

    There's also free pizza right now in Carman basement.

  4. yay!  

    relay is so awesome.

  5. CC'10 in McBain  

    Hurray! We're graduating a year early!

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