Programming Fiends, Prepare!

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Just a heads-up that a mere five days after you return from spring break, programming god Larry Wall will be giving a talk on “The Art of Ballistic Programming.”

The Columbia University Association for Computing Machinery (CU ACM) is pretty stoked on this one, and you should be too. Wall created the Perl programming language, has won the International Obfuscated C Code Contest twice, and was the recipient of the first Free Software Foundation Award for the Advancement of Free Software in 1998. Event details to follow on our events sidebar.



  1. ...  

    i hope you and your roommate found this post interesting.

  2. wow  

    mudd library just went apeshit

  3. really?

    The events sidebar says 12:15 but the CUACM website doesn't list a time...

    Is the sidebar privy to some information not published or was it just a guess?

  4. actually  

    12:15 PM, Lerner Cinema. Time and location were up in the air until booking went through today.

  5. in honor of perl  

    #:: ::-| ::-| .-. :||-:: 0-| .-| ::||-| .:|-. :||
    /:.:/xg;s/:/../g;$Q=$_?length:$_;$q+=$q?$Q:$Q*20;}print chr($q);}}}print"\n";
    #.: ::||-| .||-| :|||-| ::||-| ||-:: :|||-| .:|

    ten internets for anyone who can figure out what it does without running it

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