QuickSpec: Duh Edition

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According to Spec, Bwog was teased in grade school, and that’s why we have so much snark now. We’ll let that one sit. 

Help us, Columbia! We hate taking midterms!

Environmental initiatives will make us hip.

Even Teach for America isn’t going to pay Columbia grads enough to eat next year.

But now econ majors want to write books, too!




  1. I always

    knew Bwog was a compulsive masturbator. 'twas only a matter of time before he got caught by the Spec with his pants.

  2. down.

    with his pants DOWN. yes. that is what I meant to say.

  3. More than CC  

    "Even Teach for America isn't going to pay CC '09 enough to eat next year."

    CC isn't the only school graduating this May that applied to TFA. Hell the Spec article has a quote from the ESC President and you still overlooked the other schools in that line.

  4. actually...'s not according to spec.
    it's according to philip petrov.

  5. Not really  

    I don't think he was referring to Bwog.

  6. Midterm Madness  

    Midterms arent really that bad.

  7. eesh  

    you Bwog people are so predictably bitter. Do you find it easy to cater so conveniently into the stereotypes constructed ever so comprehensively to suit you? Grow up, and try to find some moral consciousness instead.

  8. Anonymous  

    The best thing I have read by far on the topic of snark:

  9. Anonymous  

    Mr. Petrov's argument is a good one. His aggressive eye-rolling in class, less great.

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