Milano: Buy Ten, Get The Eleventh At Regular Price

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A concerned discount fancier has informed Bwog that Milano Market, Broadway’s finest supplier of Italian cheeses and window bread porn, is no longer offering buy-ten-get-one-free cards. Apparently it was a managerial decision, one that Hamilton Deli will hopefully never ever ever make.

But don’t think of it as all bad. Yes, you’re losing a free sub or salad, but you’re gaining the peace of mind that comes with not having to worry about another damn card in your wallet. The recession: relieving stress every day.

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  1. Milano  

    salads kind of suck now anyway. The chicken isn't as fresh anymore and prices have gone up, meaning the unlimited toppings thing isn't all that good value for $.

  2. Taco Bell  

    wtf bwog this is not a joke. milano is fucking us when we should be fucking them.

  3. CML  

    Nice scoop! You guys are two months behind on this.

  4. free lewinksy!  

    why would you even suggest that hamdel could do such a thing?!

  5. i can't spell  

    lewinsky, lewinsky, lewinsky, intern, lewinsky!

  6. fact  

    milano will make you puke - there is something wrong with that meat.

  7. Humanities Major  

    How do I sign up for the Buy Ten Get One at Regular Price program?

  8. nope  

    CML, this change happened two or three weeks ago, not two months ago. Does your sandwich prowess not extend west of Amsterdam?

    • truth  

      It's definitely been more than 2-3 weeks, and much closer to 2 months. I know I couldn't get stamped as soon as I got back from break. This is really, really old news.

      • nope again  

        i got stamps within the last month, and the cashier told me last week that the new rule went into effect the week before.

        • hmm  

          They weren't handing out new cards, but were giving stamps to old cards. I asked for a new card in January. They didn't deliver.

          spend enough money, and they'll give you a free canvas bag to hold all your groceries in though

  9. milano  

    is not even that great. Westside's salads and hamdel's sandwiches are infinitely better, and Milano is really overpriced.

  10. Not only  

    do they not give out cards anymore, but they don't even honor the ones you do have! Mine had seven or eight stamps, and, to my dismay, they simply thrust up a palm and shook a head.

  11. CML  

    you snooty asshole, you're wrong dude! and this ain't the first time either...

  12. Ron  

    Has anyone else noticed that Uris is trying to squeeze every penny out of people? The latest annoyance: they only give you two free packets of soup crackers and they charge you $0.15 for each extra. It's absurd because they probably won't make any real money off of the new pricing scheme, yet they turn me off as a customer.


    Have any of you tried the Crystal Delight sub? It used to be a secret over at Milano, had it once, but didn't know if they still made it...

  14. WHAAAT?!?!

    I'm abroad this semester with 2 full milano's cards in my wallet!!!!! I was saving them until I was hungry for a sandwich with everything that they would normally charge me like 15 dollars for. I used to just keep adding ingredients and they'd say, "that's extra" and i'd just say ok with a sneaky smile. fuuuck that!

  15. oh.hello.there  

    This has literally been in effect since Winter Break. Nice scoop, you should really be proud of yourselves on this one Bwog... THOUGH, they still honor old cards you still have (and will continue to stamp them if they aren't full yet), so don't throw away those oldies!

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