Cop Cars Blocking 120th Street Because of “Suspicious Package”

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Bwog has reports of a lot of cop cars blocking both auto and pedestrian traffic in the area of 120th Street and Amsterdam.

It is unclear why the blockade has been set up and where it begins and ends at this point. Updates coming shortly. 

UPDATE (7:51 PM): Officers tell Bwog that it’s a “suspicious package,” somewhere along 120th Street. An officer was overheard suggesting that the building at the corner of 120th and Amsterdam should be evacuated. The car blockade now extends from 116th to 121st Street along Amsterdam, and pedestrians are also being encouraged to use alternate routes. One Barnard student tells Bwog that she almost wasn’t allowed out of Plimpton. Photos and more updates to follow shortly.

UPDATE (8:16 PM): Police are searching under trashcans and cars between 120th and 121st Streets along Amsterdam. Pedestrians have been allowed on the east side of the sidewalk, but the west side remains closed.

UPDATE (8:54 PM): Blockades have been removed except for 120th between Amsterdam and Broadway, where the “suspicious package” now sits, its contents spilled onto the sidewalk like dissected cat innards. Uniforms told to keep people back, because the detective need some “privacy” to stare at the clothes.

– Photo by ESN

More action shots of traffic confusion after the jump.

— Photos by JNW

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  1. Suspicious package?  

    Maybe the fucking giant FedEx truck in the second picture is related?

  2. hmm

    how often do they freak out about stuff like this? is it part of the SEE SOMETHING SAY SOMETHING campaign?

    1944 new yorkers!?!?

  3. Keep Calm and Carry On

    You, yes you #2. Calm down there.

  4. Looks like  

    Someone saw something and said something. Make that 1945, bitches! Update the ads!

  5. more like  

    1944 racists saw an arab and said something.

  6. i saw  

    my midterm. i said nothing. i cried.

  7. ten dollars  

    says it's a burrito.

  8. Amsterdam  

    On my way back from Appletree, the cops were putting a white male, who looked roughly grad-student aged, into the back of a squad car in handcuffs.

  9. akinyi

    The giant FedEx truck, mysterious package - you people ought to write for the movies!

  10. ummmmm

    bwog can you please write an article about spring break! Where ate people going? Csncun Europe Jamaica ? It'd be cool to just get an idea where most ppl are headed :)

  11. naw dog  

    bahamas all the way

  12. i like

    the idea of such a post. do it, bwog!

  13. Fun war

    Maybe the Jester can make some joke about the cop dying because he masturbated with the package and died. HA-HA

  14. LionLaundry  

    fucking up as usual.

  15. oh shit  

    those sort of look like my clothes that a certain laundry service picked up today...

  16. Damian Marley

    Jamaica! Jamaica! Jamaica! Jamaica!

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