You Know What They Say About Bigger Posters…

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Club Zamana bills itself as Columbia’s “largest South Asian organization,” and while that probably refers to membership size, it looks to be true in the poster department as well. Club members just unrolled (literally) a three-story poster in Lerner for Tamasha 2009, their annual cultural showcase which will take place in Roone Arledge on the 27th.

Zamana should be careful, though: their poster completely blocks that of the Association of Computing Machinery. This can only end in an epic throwdown.

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  1. Anonymous  

    Oh no they di'int!

    *snaps fingers and shakes head*

  2. well  

    2.5 stories.
    Will it be recycled for next year?

  3. yo bwog

    it's spelled Tamasha

  4. Guess what...

    Kavi totally put that up there....GO KAVI!!

  5. hmmm,  

    what exactly do "south asian organizations" do?
    i am actually curious, not being provocative here.

  6. groupie  

    Yay Kavii
    Yay Zamana

  7. Isn't Tamasha  

    Just a bunch of Indian dance groups doing different types of Indian dancing?

  8. ...  

    wow, zamana obviously has too much money.

    • Alum  

      I was on Zamana a few years back and the only reason they have so much money is because they fundraise like mofo's. I'll be the first to admit it's the reason I didn't do it for more than one year. It was hella intense.

  9. also  

    vemishawty in the house!

  10. tamasha  

    was the largest culture show last year. everyone should go!

    they have dan nainan coming this year from last comic standing. he's HILARIOUS. plus tamasha has good food.

  11. nice  

    good to know my student life fees are subsidizing that crap. If you needed proof that these big cultural organizations were over-funded and were spending their vast budgets on crap, look no further. It's kind of funny that they would call themselves 'recession edition' and do this when Community Impact is so poor and service groups on campus in general dont have money

    • that's interesting  

      Club Zamana and other culture organizations are poorer than community impact, even though they encompass more members. Your service clubs obviously just aren't as good at grant applications.

  12. actually  

    I sit on the Club Zamana board, and I can vouch for the fact that this banner came at no cost to us or Columbia. It was the product of a co-sponsorship solicited by our funding committee.

  13. how about  

    it's just obnoxious.

  14. rich? no.

    but hey, you'd be surprised what a few indians can do even with a small budget if they've got a vision ;)

    • ...  

      i'm calling it already: Zamana wins the culture show battle of 2008-2009.

      we all know that the real point of these culture shows isn't to showcase your culture: its to show that your culture can put on a bigger show than everyone else's.

      indians: 1
      koreans, chinese, asian-americans: 0

  15. that's cuz  

    we indian are cheap.

    YouTube Russell Peters for details.

  16. Every

    Ethnic group says they are cheap. My Scottish grandparents say it, my girlfriends Jewish family says it, Indians say it, Italians say it, Greeks say it. So, nobody or everybody is cheap when you actually get down to it.

  17. zamana? culture?  

    if your idea of south asian culture are various forms of dances, perhaps a few instrumental music pieces, then some diasporic rapper/comedian/etc, followed by a massive after party - then hooray for this interpretation of culture

    how about creating a cultural dialogue rather than a reductionist interpretation...

    • amusing  

      You obviously don't know anything about Zamana and are talking out of your ass. The entire rest of the year Zamana hosts forums, panels, screenings and service activities. Nice try.

  18. ^wow  

    that wasn't a 'reductionist' approach to tamasha at all. after all it's just a few dance teams who put too much of their time, intellect, and energy into choreography that's created in a total vacuum. all of us who perform at zamanas show don't know what 'real' south asian culture is, because culture is this fixed, unchanging thing that cannot possibly be realized without there being some vague 'cultural dialogue'.

  19. guys guys

    you are all nerds, who reads all this boring stuff about cultural dialogue and what not... are there gonna be hot girls (pref non Columbia) at the after party and where is it?

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