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The J-School just got bitch-slapped by recent campus visitor/Entertainment Weekly founding editor Jeff Jarvis. For its new blog The Local, the New York Times decided to partner with the City University of New York, where Jarvis is head of interactive journalism, instead of Columbia. Oh snap!

As New York Magazine reported, the J-School has had a difficult time adapting to computers, trying to balance instruction in new media with silly things like objectivity.

On the first day of class, the head of Columbia’s new media program Ari Goldman reportedly went as far as to say “F*ck new media.” Yeah, screw all that linking to ridiculous videos and inappropriate post tagging…


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    hey bwog,
    you should read the comments/fact check before mindlessly passing on internet memes.
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    Dear Intel: I'm one of the Times reporters running The Local, and the premise of the your introductory anecdote is untrue. The Local has four, count 'em, interns from Columbia J-school: Haley Sweetland Edwards, Jeremy Herb, Sung Moss and Alexandra Cheney. Their bylines are all over both the Brooklyn and New Jersey Locals, and their bios are on our contributor pages. We also have an intern from Queens College, Elisa Mala, and one from Seton Hall, Amanda Conte. In addition to these interns, The Local is indeed collaborating with students from CUNY, on a citizen-blogger project. But the other interns are at least as essential to our fledgling operation. Please check your facts before writing.


    Andy Newman
    The Local

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    i don't get it. there's nothing interesting or new here. it's just like a cheap ripoff of gothamist or sfist or whateverist in an ultra local context. the writing style, headlines, everything, is in generic tabloid blog style that's been around for years...

    c'mon guys, you're gonna have to do better than that.

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